Shopping in Berlin

Bikini Haus and Waldorf AstoriaBerlin is a great place to go shopping for all kinds of things. Whether you need new clothes, furniture, electronics or entertainment, Berlin has everything on offer, and with the added benefit of being very budget friendly, too.
For those who love fashion, the good news is that Berlin is one of the fashion capitals of Europe, with roads upon roads of endless boutiques, filled with a wide variety of fantastic finds, both directly from the catwalk, and vintage. Berlin is known for its love of everything vintage, and you will find one-off pieces at bargain prices in many shops in the city. The biggest concentration of vintage shops is in the Mitte neighbourhood, around the Weinmeisterstraße train station. For labels, you want to hit Kurfürstendamm and Friedrichstraße, though both streets also have all the high street names you know and might want to visit.


When looking for shoes or clothes Zalando will be your website of choice. Just started in 2008 Zalando quickly became the most famous fashion website in Germany. The number of products they offer on their website is unbelievably high and they can sell them for good prices, as they do not have to pay rent and staff in brick and mortar stores as a pure online player.


Germany is catching up rapidly when it comes to online shopping. In the past all major online shopping companies have been located in the US like Amazon, but now many German companies realized that the internet is a great channel to sell their goods.

Nevertheless Amazon is still by far the biggest online E-commerce company operating in Germany. No matter what you are looking for online you will most certainly find it on Amazon.


One of the biggest competitors of Amazon is the online market platform Allyouneed. Allyouneed is backed up by the German post or to be more exact their delivery company DHL and proofed itself in the past as a tough competitor for Amazon. Whatever you might need you will most likely find it on MeinPaket. They offer a wide range of products from electronics to clothes to literally everything you might need for your life in Berlin.


Groupon has been one of the hottest thing in the internet a couple of years ago. Almost everybody has once been on their newsletter list and got some of the best local deals in their post-box.

The European Groupon Headquarter is located in the heart of Berlin – close to Stadtmitte and Gendarmenmarkt. No wonder that Groupon has especially good deals for Berlin – food, leisure or wellness, you name it.

Make sure to get some inspiration on Groupon in order to find some new places to eat or things to do.

Berlin  based online shopping companies

Berlin is home to many online shopping companies, many of which also have an outlet in the city, where customers can find the same brand names and quality for even lower prices. Just to name a few: E.g. Zalando, Fashion for Home or Home24 Online are all located in Berlin and have their outlets or showrooms in the city centre.

Some other famous websites to go shopping online are QVC and HSE24. Both of them have the advantage to be present on German television with their own respective shopping channels. This way they can make sure to make use of the cross selling effects of TV and Internet.

Shopping Online

There’s no denying that shopping online is a great alternative to the stress that is usually involved with navigating the high streets in Berlin. Another advantage of shopping online is finding exactly what you are looking for with a few clicks of a button, instead of having to go in and out of several different shops, most often ending up frustrated and tired. In recent years, the amount of online platforms in Germany offering everything you need at lower prices has greatly increased. From clothes, to furniture, to food you can really find anything very quickly and easily.

Shopping online is incredibly convenient, especially for those who work full-time. It can be done at any time of day, from any place, and you don’t even need a computer to shop online anymore, as most shopping websites now offer mobile apps, too.
With all these points in mind, it really couldn’t be any more convenient, easy and safe to shop online. So go ahead and enjoy your shopping experience from the comfort of your own home.

Many people still worry about the safety of online shopping in Germany, but nowadays it really couldn’t be safer to do your shopping online. Most known websites have safety procedures in place and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. And if you worry about ordering something that won’t fit you or your taste, there’s no need to – most online shopping platforms offer free returns! So if that dress doesn’t look like you’d hoped it would, or if your new bed sheets are too small, just send them back and get either a replacement or a refund.

Furniture Shops Berlin

Buying furniture in BerlinFor those who love to shop for home decorations, most of the home decor shops are on the outskirts but still easily reachable by public transport, and many furniture shops can actually be found in the city, where you’re sure to find articles such as furniture, curtains, etc. Most of these shops offer fantastic value for money, so whatever your budget, you are sure to find that last special touch you’ve been looking to add to your home.

The biggest concentration of shops can be found on Friedrichstraße, Kürfurstendamm, and Alexanderplatz, all of which are easily accessible by public transport, making it easier for you to get those shopping bags home after your shopping experience.

If you prefer shopping for furniture online then have a look at the most famous German online furniture shops like Home24 or read more about buying furniture online.

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