Berlin Hipster Guide

How to be a Berlin Hipster

Ever wondered what defines a real Berlin hipster? With our help you will be able to either spot or look like a real Berlin hipster in no time and for very little money.

Being a Berlin hipster is a mixture of lifestyle, looks and accessories. To help you blend in with the hip crowd in Berlin just follow our tips on how to look and dress like a Berlin hipster.

Hipster Hornbrille

One of the most outstanding signs of hipsters are the big glasses, most preferably in a Horn-look.

Either all hipsters have very bad eyes from watching too much Big Bang Theory on their macs or they just wear the glasses without precription glasses in them.

Hipster Juttebeutel

As all hipster seem to be very Eco-friendly and only go shopping at Bio-company you also can’t use the normal plastic bags from Lidl to go shopping.

But thank God someone invented the Juttebeutel, which usually comes with very cool pictures like a King-Pug or a giant mustache on it. Very Eco-friendly and trendy.

Hipster mustache

This one is for the hipster boys only. You need a proper hipster mustache to be accepted in the cool clubs around Berlin.

And if you are too young to grow one yet, thankfully there are mustaches to glue on.

Also a very popular hipster accessory at any Start-up party.

Hipster Karohemd

General rule for hipster outfit seems to be old and cheap looking. Something your dad in the 70ies might have worn.

If you are unsure if a certain item is ok or not, just try to remember Steve Urkel of the famous sitcom Family Matters. If he wore it, it is definitely ok and hipster-approved.

Hipster Hollandrad

Even Berlin Hipsters need to get from A to B sometimes (A being St. Oberholz and B being the Apple Store).

As we established earlier hipsters are Eco-friendly and therefore don’t use car-sharing or BVG, but their bike.

And not any bike of course, it has to be a trendy Hollandrad. Very cool, but very pricey.

Hipster Iphone

It is very important to be always up to date and have a constant internet connection to post stuff on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook etc. as a hipster.

No better way to do that than with your newest Iphone. Yes, right. Always get the newest version of the Ipone, because your old one is not up to date anymore after one year.

Hipster Club Mate

As most hipsters work either in Start-ups or are working on their own project, which never gets out of stealth-mode, and at the same time party till late, they need an energy drink that gets them through the day.

And this drink is called Club Mate, which goes surprisingly well with Vodka by the way.

We love Berlin Hipsters

Of course we all love the Berlin hipsters, or even want to be one of them. So hopefully no hipster is offended by this funny meant list of what defines a Berlin hipster.

To prove that Berlin hipsters are cool and can laugh about themselves just check out the yearly Hipster Olympics close to Ostbahnhof.

No better way to see the newest trends in hipster style and drink a Club Mate with fellow Berlin hipsters.