Streetfood Markets

Best Streetfood Markets in Berlin

Burger at BBI

It was just a question of time when the Streetfood hype finally crosses the Atlantic and reaches Berlin.

The concept is as simple as good.

Add high quality ingredients, offer very unique foods and sell it out of a truck and ready is your recipe for a successful Streetfood truck.

Of course you can’t park your truck anywhere you like and start selling your food, remember we are in Germany and Germans love their bureaucracy.

This is why some streetfood enthusiasts came together and started organizing streetfood events all over Berlin.

To not get lost and to not miss out on the best streetfood trucks we have put together an overview of all streetfood places in Berlin as of today.

Streetfood Thursday @Markthalle 9

A real Berlin classic and long past the point where it used to be an insider tip for all streetfood enthusiasts in Berlin.

Every Thursday evening from 5-10 pm you can get the best of the best foods at Markthalle 9.

The variety ranges from pulled pork sandwiches (our favorite) to Allgäuer Cheesespätzle to Tapioka dumplings.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all of the foods there, just go ahead and try them. They are all amazingly tasty and freshly prepared.

In order to avoid disappointment you better go straight from work to Streetfood Thursday as otherwise you might be waiting in line for half an hour just so the guy in front of you ordered the last pulled pork sandwich and you need to have fantastic spare ribs instead (it’s a hard life sometimes, isn’t it?).

Streetfood market @Kulturbrauerei

streetfood at kulturbrauerei berlin

The newbie of Streetfood markets is located at Prenzlauer Berg’s famous Kulturbrauerei.

Only started in January 2015 this streetfood market’s success did surprise probably all of the streetfood trucks themselves.

You will find some of Berlin’s most iconic streetfood vendors including Gorilla Bbq or Fräulein Kimchi at Kulturbrauerei every second Sunday between 11 am till 5 pm.

It seems like the people of Prenzlauer Berg are hungrier than the people in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain.

As we checked out the streetfood market at 4 pm most of the vendors had already sold out and some hungry stomachs had to go for another option.

Even though the same happened to us, this was a blessing in disguise.

Instead of having another burger we switched to cidre steak and were blown away by it.

But this is what streetfood is about, try out new things and discover fresh tastes.

Streetfood @Berlin Village Market RAW

This streetfood market is located at Friedrichshains famous RAW area.

As a nice surprise this market is not only about streetfood but more like a mixture of Markthalle 9 and Mauerpark (flea-market).

So if you ever fancied eating some Korean burgers while looking for an old vinyl, the this is definitely the place to be for you.

Open every Sunday from 12 – 10 pm RAW’s Village market invites you to hang out and recover after a weekend of party and clubbing.

Where will be the next streetfood event in Berlin?

Right now the streetfood scene in Berlin is starting to really kick off.

How else can you explain that people queue up, even in winter, for half an hour just for food out of a truck?

With the successful start of the streetfood market at Kulturbrauerei finally all Prenzlauer Bergers can enjoy some great food on their Sunday family walk or after spending hours at Mauerpark.

Unfortunately our friends in West-Berlin (if you exclude Kreuzberg) are still missing their own streetfood market.

Maybe in near future there will be a streetfood market in Charlottenburg or at least some of the trucks stop there to show them how great food out of a truck can taste.