Best Place in Berlin to Live

Best Places in Berlin – Which Neighborhood Suits you Best?

Flat in Berlin Mitte

It is a very difficult question to answer which is the best place in Berlin to live. Too much depends on what you are looking for.

Are you up for party till the break of dawn or do you rather prefer a quiet neighborhood where you can enjoy evening walks without bumping into hordes of drunken tourists?

In order to help you with your decision which might be the best place in Berlin to live for you we put together a little guide which should help you make your decision.

Keep in mind that both you and the city both change rapidly and that a neighborhood that you loved so much yesterday might be getting annoying tomorrow already.

Best Place for Families to live in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

Weinbergspark Berlin

Shortly after the Berlin wall came down Prenzlauer Berg was not a place you wanted to live in.

The houses were run down, some of the ‘Hinterhäuser’ did not have electricity, you had to share bathrooms with several other people in the house and the heating system was a disaster.

This is why at first a lot of young students, lefties and house squatters made Prenzlauer Berg their playground.

But with time the houses were renovated, many people could not afford the rents anymore and people from around the world discovered the charm of Prenzlauer Berg.

This gentrification took place over a course of around 20 years and nowadays Prenzlauer Berg is a synonym for young families that hang around the parks and drink soja chai latte out of takeaway cups.

While these stereotypes might be true a bit, Prenzlauer Berg is a fantastic place for families and also single people that enjoy the tranquility and flair of this neighborhood.

There are endless options to go out for a coffee, catch some sun in one of the parks or just go window shopping.

Rents have gone up a bit in recent years, but compared to other capitols around Europe, Prenzlauer Berg is still affordable and you get back a lot for your money.

Check here to find apartments in Prenzlauer Berg to rent online.

Check here to find apartments in Prenzlauer Berg to rent online.

Best Place in Berlin for Students – Friedrichshain

Berlin Friedrichshain Frankfurter Tor

Friedrichshain still offers the advantages of low rents and vibrant bar and club scene at the same time.

Many Berliners compare Friedrichshain to the Prenzlauer Berg of 10 years ago and fear that the same gentrification process will take place there.

But right now Friedrichshain is still the best choice for students to live and party it up, although Kreuzberg and Neukölln caught up a lot in the past years.

Simon-Dach Strasse is probably the busiest street in Berlin crowded with young people drinking on either side of the street in one of the countless bars.

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Best Place in Berlin to Work and Live – Berlin Mitte

Berlin Alexanderplatz Fernsehturm

If you are planning to start a career in Berlin then you should probably move to Mitte.

Most of the companies are located around the central area of Berlin.

When walking down the streets you are sure to bump into businessmen and -women chatting on their phones or start-up people sitting in one of the many cafes offering free WLAN and working on their next big thing.

Rents in Berlin Mitte are high but flats are relatively new and modern.

Most of the area can be covered by foot, bike or public transport. And for networking after work there are also plenty of bars and clubs where you can meet like-minded people.

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Best place in Berlin to stay as a tourist – Berlin Mitte

Berlin Fernsehturm Mitte Alexanderplatz

Why should you prefer to stay in Berlin Mitte as a tourist? Well the answer is simple.

Most of the top tourist sights are located in Berlins Mitte district like Brandenburger Tor, Alexanderplatz, Nikolaiviertel or Hausvogteiplatz, just to name a few.

Also Alexanderplatz is the public transportation hub in Berlin which let’s you get to literally any other place within the S-Bahn Ring in less than 20mins.

And last but not least most of the best hotels in Berlin are located in Mitte.

Best place in Berlin to stay – Conclusion

As laid out before it will depend on what you are planning to do in Berlin. Each neighborhood in Berlin has its own advantages.

Continue reading our Berlin neighbourhoods guide for additional information.