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Chicago Williams BBQ – Real American BBQ

chicago william bbq platter

You might have noticed that new Burger places popped up around Berlin like crazy. But if you are into real American BBQ you had a hard time here in Berlin.

But luckily things have changed for good and at Chicago Williams BBQ you will probably better BBQ than in many places in the US themselves.

And if it is not great enough already that the food they serve is fantastic, the guys  who work at Chicago Williams BBQ are worth the visit themselves.

Unless you are afraid of guys who have a baseball bat always in reach.

Best American food in Berlin

If you fancy having some good honest BBQ food then you might be interested in one of their meat platters that you can share with your friends.

These meat platters consist of some of the best ribs you will ever eat. As a special side they are serving some apple mouse with it. Sounds strange in the beginning but tastes awesome.

Another part of the meat platter is their pulled pork, which is, thanks to being slowly prepared, so soft and juicy that you don’t want to eat any other pork anymore other than this pulled pork. If you like it spicy you will enjoy the jalapenos and onions that come with it.

And last but not least you will find some great BBQ chicken on your meat platter. Also incredibly soft and juicy and some of the best BBQ chicken we ever tried.

Original American Side Dishes

chicago williams bbq berlin platter

Not only does Chicago Williams offer some of the best meats in town, but they also serve some of the best sides ever.

If you are into coleslaw American way (with carrots and mayonnaise) make sure to get this as a side dish.

Especially as the meat is so rich and plenty of it on your plate you might want to go for a less heavy side.

But if you feel like Mac and cheese go for it! Incredibly tasty and a big big portion as well. Or maybe you feel like some beans, then go for them.

As you can see the choice is yours and you can’t go wrong with any of your choices.

Just be aware that they had to move locations.

Instead of being close to Torstrasse/Friedrichstrasse you can now find them close to KaDeWe in the far West of Berlin.

Information for Chicago Williams BBQ

Location: Marburger Str. 16, 10789 Berlin
Price: $$