Best Ice Cream in Berlin

Find the Best Ice Cream Places in Berlin

Cuore Di Vetro Icecream Berlin

No matter if it is 35 degress outside or storming with rain sideways. It doesn’t matter wheter you have a day off or are running late for an appointment.

There is always time for an ice cream, right?

Well how lucky are you that Berlin is home to many fantastic ice cream places.

And not just the usual boring ice cream places that offer a choice from Vanilla, Chocolate and maybe Stracciatella.

We are talking about world-class ice cream places that can easily compete with the world famous Gelaterias in Italy.

So let us give you the rundown of where you should be heading to whenever you get the ice cream munchies.

Best Ice Cream places in Berlin on a map

Chipi Chipi Bombon – Friedrichshain

Chipi Chipi Bombon

Another one of those places that you wished you had heard of earlier.

Chipi Chipi Bombon is a real treat for anybody who loves high quality ice cream.

But it is an exceptional treat if you are Argentinean or happen to travel through Argentina in the past and fell in love with Dulce de leche.

Let us tell you that the Dulce de leche ice cream is the best we have ever tried. And yes we tried a few in the past.

Chipi Chip Bon Bon Delivery

If you are lucky they will even have different variations of your favorite flavor – e.g. Dulce de leche or Dulce de leche con chocolate.

But best of all is just go there and look at the faces of people when they realize that they will taste their first beloved Dulce de leche ice cream since leaving Argentina.

And the good news don’t stop there. Chipi Chipi Bombon does also offer all ice creams for takeaway.

Plus the staff working at Chipi Chipi Bombon is just the best – very friendly and real Argentinian.

Location: Warschauer Str. 12, 10243 Berlin
Price: $$

Cuore Di Vetro

Cuore Di Vetro Icecream

It is always a good sign if you walk past an ice cream place and people are queuing up until around the corner.

Cuore Di Vetro is just such a place where you don’t mind waiting in line.

You rather enjoy the few more minutes until you hold their ice cream finally in your hand – something we German call Vorfreude.

Furthermore the Cuore Di Vetro team makes sure that you get a taste of some not so common flavors.

We can always recommend the lemon ice cream with a hint of Lavendel- just great.

Location: Max-Beer-Straße 33, 10119 Berlin
Price: $$

Hokey Pokey – Prenzlauer Berg

Icecream Hockey Pockey

Hokey Pokey just might be the most famous ice cream shop in Berlin and the whole of Germany.

It made it’s way to national news in 2013 when they were forced to raise their price per scoop in order to have less clients.

Have you ever heard of anything like this before?

Neighbouring shops have been complaining that the queue lining up was too long and blocking the entrance to their shops.

So what is it about Hokey Pokey that makes them so successful?

Hockey Pockey Ice Creams

Well their ice cream is just so so creamy and full of flavor.

You can really taste the freshness and quality of the products they use to make their ice cream.

Also their flavors are not your standard ice cream flavors.

We highly recommend Hokey Pokey, which is originally from New Zealand, and contains Vanilla ice cream with caramelized pieces of toffee.

Another great flavor is Rockey Road which is a chocolate hazelnut ice cream flavored with caramelized pecan- and para nuts, topped with chocolate pieces and marshmallows.

Make sure to bring time when coming to Hokey Pokey as waiting times can still be up to 10 minutes, even though they have already enlarged their shop and even opened up a second one in Berliner Allee.

Location: Stargarder Str. 73, 10437 Berlin
Price: $$$

Ben and Jerry’s Berlin – temporarily (?) closed

Probably the ice cream company where all our cravings for good quality ice cream mixed with such tasty things such as cookies or cookie dough started.

Ben and Jerry’s started out with a mission in the US to not only create some awesome ice cream but to also support the local farmers with sourcing all their ingredients locally.

What started out as a small company is now probably the best know ice cream brand in the world.

So it was just a matter of time that they open up one of their ice cream places in Berlin.

And you get exactly what you would expect – high quality ice cream for a good price.

If you are around Rosenthaler Platz you should definitely give it a try.

Location: Weinbergsweg 24, 10119 Berlin
Price: $$

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