Best English Cinemas Berlin

Best English Cinemas in Berlin – Movies in Original English Version

Movies BerlinHave you ever wondered why in Berlin everybody talks to you in English, from the waitress at your favorite Cafe to the bouncer at your favorite club.

But once you want to go to the cinema in Berlin you most likely will end up watching a movie dubbed in German.

And it doesn’t stop there I am afraid, whenever you turn on your TV and tune in on the newest blockbuster – you guessed it – it will be dubbed in German.

We all know that movies dubbed in German (or any language for that matter) just don’t feel as good as the Original Version.

This is why we went through the struggles to find the best English cinemas in Berlin!

Make sure to check out all cinemas in Berlin we could find that show all or at least some movies in their original English version.

What do OmU and OV stand for?

If you have been researching movies shown in English in the past you might have come across those two acronyms, OmU and OV.

OmU stands for “Original mit Untertitel” which means you will see the movie in the original language with German subtitles.

OV is short for “Original Version” and is exactly what you are looking for – enjoying a movie in its original version and not being dubbed.

Kino International at Karl-Marx-Allee

Cinema Kino International BerlinEven though Kino International does not show all movies in its Original English version we just had to add this to the top of our list.

Probably the cinema in Germany with the most authentic flair you will find.

Built only 2 years after the Berlin Wall came up Kino International still looks and feels like you are in the former Eastern German Democratic Republic in its prime.

Kino International is one of the main locations for the yearly cinema festival “Berlinale” and can seat up to 550 people.

Most shows in the evening are OV “Original Version”, just keep an eye out on their homepage.

Furthermore every Monday even is “MonGay” and Kino International shows LGBT-themed movies.

And also keep your eyes open as Kino International is also the venue for some of Berlins most stylish parties.

Location: Karl-Marx-Allee 33, 10178 Berlin

Cinestar at Kulturbrauerei

Kulturbrauerei CinemaOne of the most iconic buildings in Prenzlauer Berg – The Kulturbrauerei – is home to this Cinestar cinema.

What is so special about this location?

If you feel like playing some billiard before a movie night or if you rather enjoy some drinks and party after the movie you don’t have to look far.

Kulturbrauerei is home to several bars and clubs and your No.1 destination for a relaxed evening in Prenzlauer Berg.

With 8 different screening rooms and more than 1.500 seats in total this is one of the bigger cinemas in Berlin.

Most screenings are in OV or OmU, but make sure to check out their website as some of the movies are sometimes shown dubbed in German.

Location: Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin

UCI Luxe Mercedes Platz

If you are looking for the most luxurious and modern cinema experience – well look no further.

The newly opened UCI Luxe at Mercedes Platz in the heart of Friedrichshain is probably the most luxurious and modern cinema in Germany.

With IMAX screenings and the newly designed ScreenX (which you have to see for yourself) this is just absolutely a breathtaking experience.

With over 14 different screening rooms with a total of over 1.600 seats you will be sure to find all current movies running there.

All screening rooms are with extra big and adjustable leather seats for extra personal space and comfort.

Location: Mildred-Harnack-Straße 13, 10243 Berlin

Hackesche Höfe Kino

Hackesche Höfe BerlinLocated in the heart of Berlin and nestled inside some of the nices ensembles in Berlin Hackesche Höfe Kino is the perfect location for a romantic cinema date.

Most movies are shown in English with German subtitles so you can enjoy the movie even if you are not fluent in English.

And for the few movies that they show in German they always show them with English subtitels, so you can also enjoy the movie if you are not fluent in German yet (shame on you 🙂 ).

Location: Rosenthaler Str. 40/41

Odeon – Schöneberg

Probably one of the first cinemas in Berlin and Germany to show mainly movies in their original English Version.

Odeon has been a long time favorite of the international crowd in Berlin and is always worth a visit.

Location: Hauptstr. 116, 10827 Berlin

Closed – Cinestar at Potsdamer Platz – Closed

Sony Center Berlin Potsdamer PlatzCinestar at Potsdamer Platz used to be our favorite cinema in Berlin to enjoy movies.

One might argue that this was just another big heartless corporate cinema chain, but then again I haven’t seen many cinemas in my life at such a cool location, such awesome screens (big) and great sound effects (loud).

And if you were in for the maximum experience you could upgrade to the IMAX cinema, which sometimes showed the newest blockbusters on a massive IMAX screen in English.

However Cinestar at Potsdamer Platz and the IMAX had to close in January 2020 due to too high rents for this premium location. What a sad day 🙁

Location: Potsdamer Straße 4, 10785 Berlin

All English language Cinemas in Berlin

Check out the list of all English language cinemas in Berlin.

Be aware that some of the cinemas on this list are not exclusively showing movies in the Original Version, but many times show movies in the dubbed German version.

Make sure to look for “OV” or “OmU” as an indication in which language movies are shown.

Now that you know where to enjoy movies that you can understand even if you don’t speak German yet, it might be time for you to check out the best places to eat in Berlin.