Find the Best Ridepooling Services in Berlin

First of all you might ask what the heck is a ridepooling service.

You might have heard about ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

But ridepooling is still a quite new phenomenon in Berlin so let’s see what it is exactly.

Ridepooling is very similar to ordering an Uber or Taxi but it might be that you are sharing this ride with other passengers.

That means that you might drop off some other passengers on the way to your destination.

So if you are in a hurry using one of the ridepooling services might not be the best idea.

But if you don’t mind taking a few detours and arriving 5 minutes later than with a normal taxi – well then give ridepooling a try.

First of all – and obviously – ridepooling services are much cheaper than normal taxi services. You might save up to 50% compared to normal rides.

And secondly you do something good for the environment by sharing the ride with as many people as possible.

Ah and we haven’t mentioned yet that one of the biggest ridepooling companies – Clevershuttle – is exclusively using electric cars!


Clevershuttle logo

By now you already will have seen one of the many white/green Clevershuttles driving through Berlin.

Clevershuttle is our favorite ridepooling service here in Berlin.

As already mentioned their complete fleet consist of the newest electric cars suchs as the new VW eGolf or a Nissan Leaf.

All of their cars are in peak condition and most importantly all drivers are employed and not freelance.

That means they are very relaxed and friendly – and not like some Taxi drivers whos income highly depend on getting the passengers as quickly as possible from A to B.

Ordering a Clevershuttle is as easy as it gets. Just download their app select your current location and your destination and you will see in advance how much the ride will cost and how long it will take the driver to arrive at your current location.


BerlKönig offers a very similar service to Clevershuttle.

But instead of using electric cars BerlKönig has a fleet of brand new Mercedes Benz Vans.

BerlKönig therefore offers the possibility to carry more passengers at the same time which means less traffic on the streets.

However BerlKönig is operated by BVG (the local public transport company in Berlin) and will pick you up and drop you off at any BVG stop within their operating area.

This is a great alternative to waiting 30mins for the next S-Bahn at night 🙂

Carharing as an alternative to Ridepooling

You might be more familiar to traditional ridesharing services.

So if you haven’t had your first drink of the night you might consider using one of the many carsharing companies in Berlin.