Buying Furniture in Berlin

Buying Furniture in Berlin

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When you are planing to buy furniture in Berlin there are plenty of options where to spend your money.

Buying furniture in Berlin usually involves driving to one of the big “Möbelhäuser” like IKEA, Möbel Hübner or Poco Domäne.

There are furniture stores in Berlin for every budget ranging from Möbel Hübner (high class furniture in great quality but still fair prices) to Möbel Höffner (good quality and prices) to IKEA (good quality, good design) to Poco Domäne (very cheap, acceptable quality).

If you don’t mind fighting on Saturdays with hundreds of other stressed people in these furniture stores then you will find your dream furniture there for sure.

Buying Furniture Berlin

Our tip would be to take half a day off and go there during the day.

Less people around which means the employees have more time for you to help with with questions.

However if you do not own a car in Berlin buying furniture online will be your best choice.

Luckily even IKEA has set up their own online shop so you can avoid the masses of people shopping there any Saturday.

Fortunately there are some other great online furniture websites besides IKEA.

If you ask us we almost always buy our furniture in Berlin online in order to avoid the masses and save time and money.

IKEA Berlin

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If you are looking for the one furniture store in Berlin to go where you can find anything you can imagine you needed in your house then IKEA will not disappoint you.

From small decorative items for your house to complete kitchens you can find everything you ever needed (or actually not needed) for your house.

No matter where you live in Berlin there will always be a Ikea around. Ikea furniture stores in Berlin are located in Spandau, Tempelhof and Lichtenberg.

The last one being one of the most modern ones and the biggest one in Europe, so you will definitely find all the furniture you ever wished to build yourself.

And even better IKEA just started their online shop recently so most of the furniture you find in their store can also be ordered online and delivered to your home.

This is a huge advantage, especially if you don’t own a car, which is very likely in Berlin.

The IKEA online shop has in the last couple of years become a real alternative to their massive furniture stores.

All products are live on the site and you can even check if they would be available in the IKEA store closest to you – this makes sense if you have a car and you want to save the cost for online delivery.

Home24 Online


If you’re looking for furniture or a nice touch of decoration for your home online, you might just find what you’re after on the Home24 website.

Home24 provides shoppers with a fantastic range of designs, colours, patterns and shapes sure to suit all tastes.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place and need to find pieces for each room, such as a bed, wardrobe, or kitchen table and chairs, or if you’re planning ahead and investing in a new sofa to make the oncoming winter nights more bearable in the comfort of your home, Home24 is a good place to start your search.

You will find great quality products with affordable prices, sure to suit every budget out there, whatever small or large.

Their website also has a Sale sections, where you can find cheaper products with the same great quality.

As an added bonus, Home 24 offers free delivery on all items, and a 30 day return policy free of charge as well in case you’re not happy with your new purchase.

This is great, because let’s be honest, sometimes some furniture looks great online and in your mind, but once you have it at home you notice you don’t like it that much.

Once you’ve decided on a product, the hard work is out of the way, because ordering furniture online is easy.

All you need to do after ordering is waiting for your purchase to be delivered to your chosen address!

I guess that is better than carrying all those heavy boxes yourself, isn’t it?

And please excuse if our review of Home24 sounds a bit too enthusiastic, but have you ever spent an entire Saturday afternoon in a furniture store fighting you way through all those other shoppers? 

And not to mention the tedious and exhausting process of carrying your new furniture 4 flights of stairs up.

Möbel Hübner

Möbel Hübner Berlin

One of the best know furniture stores in Berlin is definitely Möbel Hübner.

Möbel Hübner owns the highest furniture store in Germany with the most floors as they like to advertise on local radio and buses

Once you have been to Möbel Hübner you will definitely believe this claim as it takes almost a whole day to discover all of their 10 floors.

As already mentioned Möbel Hübner has a focus on high quality furniture and they have been awared several times for their service quality. So if you are looking for furniture that you can use for a generation or two Möbel Hübner is our recommendation for you.

Poco Domäne Berlin

For the small wallet Poco Domäne has proven itself as the best place to go. Poco Domäne Berlin offers a big selection of cheap furniture for acceptable prices.

But be prepared to spend the day squeezed in between thousands of fellow shoppers in their large outlets in Kreuzberg, Marzahn and Wedding.

Nevertheless furniture from Poco Domäne is a good bargain and you are less likely to walk into your friends apartment and discover the same pieces of furniture that you both bought at Ikea.

Flea markets in Berlin

Mauerpark Berlin

If you are on a tight budget then we have a special tip for you. Buy used furniture at one of Berlins many flea markets.

As some of the smaller flea markets in Berlin only offer stuff like used CDs, Vinyl, Books, etc. the bigger ones like Mauerpark or Boxhagener Platz are like a little outdoor furniture store.

You won’t believe your eyes what kind of furniture you can find at these fleamarkets. If you are lucky you will find some furniture passed down generations in good quality.

But you will also come across pieces of furniture where you will ask yourself if anybody will ever buy that (or even take it for free).

The by far most famous flea market in Berlin is located at Mauerpark. Every Sunday from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. you will find anything you ever imagined you could buy at a flea market.

Mauerpark is located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg and is easily accessible by Ubahn (U2 – Stop Eberswalderstrasse) or by Tram (M10 – Stop Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark).

But be prepared to fight your way through thousands of people as it seems that almost every single tourist in Berlin is making his way to Mauerpark on a Sunday.

Less touristy but also very popular is the flea market at Boxhagener Platz. Also don’t expect a very big selection of furniture there, but if you need little things like decoration for your place you will find many interesting things for sure.

Boxhagener Platz is located in Friedrichshain and just a short walk away from the Tramstop Grünwalder Straße (M10).

Best Place to buy Furniture in Berlin

Buying furniture in Berlin

So in the end it is up to your personal taste and needs which is the best place to buy furniture in Berlin.

As pointed out IKEA and Home24 offer everything you might need to furniture your new home.

Buying furniture online at IKEA is saves a lot of time and is less stressful than running through their huge physical locations amongst thousands of other people.

But sometimes you can’t beat the advantage of actually feeling and touching a piece of furniture rather than just see it online. So both options have their up- and downsides and it is for you to decide.

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