Kimchi Princess Berlin

Kimchi Princess Berlin – Best Korean BBQ

This one is for all you Korean BBQ lovers out there.

If you are craving some serious meat then Kimchi Princess is the place to go.

Located at a hotspot in Berlin, close to Görlitzer Park, Kimchi Princess can be easily reached by foot (if you are in Kreuzberg) or by public transport (U1).

Not only do they have space for at least 80 hungry mouths inside on two floors, but in summer also their outside space is taken till the last seat.

Those of you who have never tried Korean food before might ask themselves what Kimchi is. Traditionally Kimchi is a traditional way of preparing cabbage and is mostly quite spicy.

Korean BBQ

Make sure to try a Korean BBQ at Kimchi Princess.

We know on their dish they offer a variety of tasty food, but believe us you will never taste something similar to their BBQ.

Our favorite is their beef BBQ.

This is what heaven must taste like.

The meat must probably be marinated in some kind of yogurth sauce overnight, otherwise we can’t explain how soft and tasty and juicy this meat tastes like.

A big part of Kimchi Princess is the eating experience. Once you ordered your waiter will bring you a small table grill and the raw meat.

Then he will prepare it for you in front of your eyes, come back after some time on the grill and cut the meat for you with some scissors. How fun is that!

And just in case you visit Kimchi Princess alone – no need to cry about the fact that the BBQ will only be served from 2 portions…

Kimchi Princess also has some of the best BBQ ribs in Berlin.

Marinated in some sweet chili sauce and unbelivably tender.

The meat just falls off the bones and the flavor is so intense it feels like a taste explosion in your mouth.

Location: Skalitzer Strasse 36, 10999 Berlin
Price: $$$