Best BBQ in Berlin

The Absolute Best BBQ Places in Berlin

Are you craving some real American BBQ in Berlin?

Do you miss the big choice of juicy smoked and grilled meats, ribs or sausages?

Luckily a few really great American/Texan style BBQ places have opened up in Berlin in the last couple of years.

And best of all they all offer the usual meats and cuts that you would expect to find such as Pulled Pork, Spare Ribs or Beef Brisket.

All of the places below have their own smokers and their own style of preparing the meats, so if you are into BBQs you should definitely check out all of them.

All BBQ restaurants in Berlin on a map

1. Chicago Williams

Ribs half rack Chicago Williams

A true Berlin institution is Chicago Williams in Berlin Mitte.

They have brought the style back to Berlin and are serving up some of the best BBQ dishes here in Berlin.

Similar to the Bird we would recommend trying one of their plates that comes with several different meats and some sides.

We have tried all of their meats and all of them are incredibly well grilled and smoked with a lot of taste!

You can tell that they only use the best quality meats to begin with and they know how to handle their smoker.

Our favorite so far are the Spare Ribs, that also made it on our best Spare Ribs in Berlin list.

But also their Beef Brisket or the Grilled Chicken are so awesome that it probably comes down to personal tastes which of the meats is the best.

Their sides also include some BBQ classics such as Mac’n’Cheese or Coleslaw.

Location: Hannoversche Str. 2, 10115 Berlin
Price: $$

2. Pignut BBQ

One of the restaurants that is closely tied to the great success of the Arminiushalle in Moabit is definitely Pignut BBQ.

A couple of years ago no foodie would have thought to look for some of the best BBQs in Berlin in Moabit.

But this changed since Pignut and Arminiushalle have made an appearance on Berlins tough food scene.

Apart from the juicy and tender meat straight out of their Hickory Smoker we can recommend Pignut for their awesome selection of tasty sauces.

And of course you will find all the BBQ classic side dishes such as their homemade coleslaw and the tasty Mac’n’Cheese.

So if you ever find yourself somewhere around Moabit dreaming of some great American BBQ go for Pignut.

Location: Arminiusstraße 2, 10551 Berlin
Price: $$$

3. Blackbeards

Half Rack Ribs Blackbeard Berlin

We do admit that we have a problem – we love BBQ too much to be completely unbiased here.

But if you do love good quality meat slowly smoked to perfection – well do we have a place for you in Prenzlauer Berg that you need to check out.

And if you happen to be close to their newer location in the East of Berlin (we haven’t so far) feel free to drop by ther.

Also one thing we haven’t tried yet but are eager to do so… Beef Ribs.

This is the pinnacle of the BBQ world – Making tasty and tender Beef Ribs.

And of course you will find all the other classics such as Spare Ribs, Chicken Wings, Pulled Pork or normal Beef Burgers.

And if you think that all this meat is too much for your beach body we highly recommend the delicious cole slaw American style.

Locations: Pappelallee 55, 10437 Berlin and Zur Alten Börse 68, 12681 Berlin
Price: $$$

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