Best Food Delivery Services Berlin

Best Online Food Delivery Services in Berlin

Are you hungry but don’t fancy going out?

Well, how about ordering food online instead of cooking another pack of pasta with tomatoe sauce?

Shisho Burger Berlin

Luckily Berlin offers a vast variety of food choices, you will find almost any cuisine imaginably.

And when it comes to food delivery, the amount of choices is almost limitless as well.

Many restaurants have signed up with a food delivery service in order to bring you delicious food right to your door.

So why should you step out in the cold if you can order your food online in the convenience of your home?

Plus, and this may come as a surprise, Wolt or UberEats offer daily promotions for certain restaurants that makes it cheaper to order food food than going to the restaurant.

Best Food Delivery Services Berlin

Kokio Chicken BBQ

You have two choices when it comes to ordering food online.

Your first choice is that you know your favorite restaurant in Berlin has their own delivery service.

If this is the case just go to their website and order.

But most of the times your favorite small restaurant does not offer delivery service themselves.

In this case it comes in handy that there are food delivery services in Berlin like Lieferando or Wolt.

These food delivery services aggregate all restaurants on their websites and let you pay online without any hassle.

Delivery will be taken care of by their fleet of drivers, which are mostly racing through town on their bikes.

You will find anything you might crave from Sushi to Pizza, from Korean food to Baguettes.

Just browse through the websites and look for your favorite food.


When walking through Berlin these days you will see that most of the cyclist on the road either wear orange (Lieferando) or blue (Wolt).

To be honest, we personally prefer the blue outfits from Wolt.

But we also might be biased as we think that Wolt is by far the best food delivery service in Berlin.

Wolt is still quite new in Berlin and their approach has been to add more high quality restaurants rather than yet another mediocre pizza joint.

So if you fancy some real restaurant quality food we would recommend to search at Wolt.

Once you found your favorite restaurant all you have to do is select your food and pay online – via paypal or credit card.

Insider Tip 1: If you are ordering for the first time you can get 3 times a 5€ discount using our friends recommendation code GJDSZ2C

Inisder Tip 2: Check the app for their daily promotions such as free delivery, buy one get one free, etc. This might be cheaper than going to the restaurant.


Also recently started in Berlin and already one of our favorite food delivery services is UberEats.

UberEats may sound familiar if you have been travelling in the past a bit.

Uber (the taxi company) had their own food delivery service already pretty much anywhere in the world except for in Germany.

But now UberEats arrived in Berlin with a big selection of restaurants and covering big parts of Berlin.

If you haven’t tried them out yet we highly recommend using our refer a friend link to download the app* and get 20€ off your first two orders (10€ each).

Just make sure to enter the code “eats-vu37fk” during the checkout process.

So give it a try one of these days when the weather is bad and you crave some good food delivered home.

Insider Tip 1: UberEats just launched “Uber One” which is free of charge the first month and costs 4,99€ from the second month onwards. As a member (you can signup in the UberEats app) you will get free delivery for each and every restaurant.

On top of that you will get an additional 5% discount on all food delivery orders and 10% discount on your Uber taxi rides.

Inisder Tip 2: Check the app for their daily promotions such as free delivery, buy one get one free, etc. This might be cheaper than going to the restaurant.*

Lieferando Logo

No matter if you fancy Pizza, Sushi, Baguettes or some Indian food, Lieferando is also a great option to order food online.

With around 22.500 restaurants in Germany Lieferando is the biggest of the many food delivery services in Germany.

Naturally the bigger the city the more choices you will have.

So lucky for you that you are in Berlin and have an almost unlimited choice of restaurants.

Ordering food online has never been easier, just enter your address, choose your favorite restaurant and food and pay online.

If you still own some Bitcoins you can even pay for your pizza with your cryptocurrency at Lieferando.

Comparison food delivery services Berlin

New customer discount3 times 5€ discount “GJDSZ2C20€ discount “eats-vu37fk”none
English appNoYesNo
Delivery areaMostly inside S-Bahn RingMostly inside S-Bahn RingAlso outside S-Bahn Ring
No of restaurantsMedium coverageMedium coverageBig coverage
Food trackerYesYesYes

Out of business – Deliveroo


You all probably have seen those green bikers racing through the city in the past.

In case you could not catch who those daredevils were… They were the delivery fleet of Deliveroo, the second biggest food delivery service here in Berlin in 2019.

Similar to Foodora, which has been taken over by Lieferando, their focus was on delivering food from your favorite high class restaurants (rather than the usual cheaper delivery places) directly to your home.

So if you were in the mood for some fancy high quality food directly delivered to your doorstep Deliveroo was your go to website.

However, in late 2019 Deliveroo decided to withdraw from the German market and closed down all operations.

Out of business –

lieferheld berlin

As a true Berlin based company Lieferheld offered a wide range of restaurants in and around Berlin.

All you needed to do is entering your address, choose your favorite restaurant and then pay online or cash on delivery.

On the Lieferheld website you were able to filter for the kind of cuisine you fancy today and see their avg. rating by other customers in the past.

Ordering food had never been easier and usually your food arrived after only 20-30 mins.

You might wonder why we are writing all this in the past tense.

Well Lieferheld and both have been aquired by their competitor Lieferando.

And while you are still able to visit the website we think that in the near future all traces of Lieferheld will disappear.

We will definitely miss you Lieferheld 🙂

Out of business – berlin had been one of our favorite food delivery services here in Berlin for many years. offered you a wide variety of filters (e.g. avg. ratings, costs, etc.) in order to find your favorite restaurant online.

Similar to Lieferheld you paid cash on delivery or chose one of the many other ways to pay online, including paypal or credit card. might have even been the oldest player in the online food delivery services market.

But after 10 years or so their fate is the same as that from Lieferheld and soon it will all disappear.

Order Food Online in Berlin

As you can clearly see more and more companies decided to give the German delivery market another try.

The only online food delivery company for quite some time operating in Berlin was Lieferando.

But now with new players such as Wolt and UberEats there is more choice and more competition, which usually means lower delivery fees.

In case that you can’t find your favorite restaurant online make sure to check out their website as some of the restaurants started to deliver with their own drivers.

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And if the weather is nice and you got time why don’t you visit some of the great restaurants in Berlin instead of ordering?

If you need inspiration for that task we recommend you to read about the Top 10 things to eat in Berlin.

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