Schnitzelei Berlin

Schnitzelei Berlin – Schnitzel Heaven

Wiener Schnitzel at Schnitzelei

If you feel like having a Schnitzel but not know yet what kind of Schnitzel you fancy then Schnitzelei is the place for you.

At Schnitzelei they know what their customer want, which is Schnitzel, and this is what they do best.

If you come to a restaurant that is already named after the main dish they serve you don’t need to offer all types of different foods.

What you need to offer is a fantastic Schnitzel and this is exactly what they do. And each Schnitzel is accompanied by some great pan fried potatoes or, the more traditional way, by some lovely potato salad.

Oh and of course we don’t want to forget to mention the little cucumber salad with a little tomato that gives the whole dish the extra fresh touch.

Lot’s of types of Schnitzel

Usually if you go to a restaurant you can order Schnitzel Wiener Art, which is made of pork, or Wiener Schnitzel, which is made of veal. But other than these two options it will be difficult to find another type of Schnitzel anywhere.

Luckily the guys at Schnitzelei are different and offer all kinds of Schnitzel, probably more kinds than you ever imagined there are.

Of course they offer some of the best Wiener Schnitzel in Berlin. But what if you feel like a Schnitzel with Jägersoße or some Schnitzel with sage and parma-ham? Then Schnitzelei is exactly the place for you to be.

Even for the Vegetarians Schnitzelei offers a lot of options, from cheese Schnitzel made of goat cheese to a Schnitzel made of vegetables. So maybe give it a try and have a Schnitzel that is not made of meat.

Don’t come by car – trust us

Why should you not drive by car to Schnitzelei? Well, not because you will be in a ‘meat-coma’ after eating their big plates, but simply because the guys at Schnitzelei have some good Obstler (German type of alcohol) that they love to share with their guests.

We honestly can’t remember how many Obstler we got invited to before, during and after eating a Schnitzel there, but we know we were all happy that we did not come by car and neither should you!

Information for Schnitzelei

Location: Röntgenstraße 7, 10587 Berlin
Price: $$