Finding a Furnished Apartment in Berlin

Finding a Furnished Apartment in Berlin

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg in Spring

If you ever tried to find an apartment in Berlin you know what an immense amount of stress that can mean: Rushing to the flat viewing after work, only to find 20 other people already waiting at the front door.

Whoever has the keys is late and the atmosphere gets quite tense. Who has the best chance?

You look closely at your competitors and try to figure out who they are. Maybe the young mom with the cute baby will get the keys.

Or that successful looking dude in the suit, who’s busy talking on the phone? Maybe the nice looking couple with double income. When you can finally see the flat it’s quite a bummer.

The kitchen is certainly nice, if only there weren’t ten people spinning around in circles and
pressing their noses against the windows. The description said two bedrooms. Well, there is one – and a useful storage room.

Finding a furnished apartment is becoming more and more difficult in big cities like Berlin. More people are constantly pouring into the colorful, exciting city.

Berlin attracts with its crazy party scene, the alternative neighborhoods, endless cafes, and start-ups. The housing market is no longer up to this influx and has to adapt, become more flexible.

Furnished Apartments online at Wunderflats

Imagine finding a place to live without all this hassle. No mass visits and most importantly without competition.

Wherever you want – when you want. This is how the Berlin company Wunderflats is presenting the future of the housing market.

The online platform offers more than 10,000 furnished apartments in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. Every week more than 100 new ones are added.

Particularly useful: all incidental costs, e.g. electricity and WiFi are included in the rent.

Wunderflats represents landlords and their furnished apartments in Berlin and offers them a platform for their properties.

Tenants get support from the dedicated team and receive all the necessary information they need to move in.

Anyone who makes a non-committal booking request on the website will be accompanied by the entire process: from the request to the move-in date.

If the furnished apartment is not available during the selected period, they suggest other suitable apartments for you.

All this is done by a personal booking manager from the Wunderflats team, who is always available for questions of all kinds.

The furnished apartments can be rented for one month or longer, of course. Thanks to the
uncomplicated booking procedure, the already existing furniture, kitchens, etc., much work and stress are relieved at Wunderflats.

Temporary accommodation in Berlin is a great way to change the housing market and makes the search for a new apartment easier.

In the long term, this will not only appeal to world travelers and business people. Even young families, job-seekers, and commuters can find their new home in this comfortable way.

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