Golf Courses in Berlin

Best Golf Courses in Berlin

Golfing in Pankow Berlin

Playing golf in Berlin sounds like an unlikely sport at first, but rest assured that all you golf enthusiasts can enjoy some nice rounds of golf in and around Berlin.

As it happens we also like to switch our keybord for our golf clubs and get out of the hustle and bustle of Berlin Mitte.

So believe us when we assure you that there are some very nice golf courses in and around Berlin for beginners as well as for advanced players.

Golf Courses without a required Membership

Unfortunately when thinking of golf most people assume that only 50+ doctors and lawyers can afford to play.

And yes it might be true that there are some very elite golf clubs also here in Berlin that require a very costly (up to several thousand Euros per year) membership in order to be allowed to play.

If you are interested in something like that we would recommend checking out Golf club Wannsee, but for all others we will check out the best golf courses in Berlin that don’t requiere membership.

Golf Resort Berlin Pankow

Golf Pankow Berlin

Our absolute No.1 pick of all golf clubs in Berlin is Golf Resort Berlin Pankow.

One of the biggest advantages of this course is that you can get there from Alexanderplatz within 30 minutes, if the traffic is not too heavy.

Even if you don’t own a car you can take public transport there, but more convenient is definitely going there by car.
Once there at Golf Resort Berlin Pankow you can choose to either play

  • 3 holes at the practice course
  • 6 holes at the short course
  • 9 holes at the “Platz am Fließ”
  • 18 holes at “Sepp Maier Platz”

If you are short on time and want to go for 9 holes we recommend playing the first half of Sepp Maier instead of the Platz am Fließ. Sepp Maier is the more challenging and fun course for sure.

Golf club Mahlow

Another option, especially if you live in the South of Berlin, is Golf Club Mahlow. Conveniently located just outside the city you can drop by after work and play 9 or 18 holes.

Be aware that due to limited space you only have 9 different holes, which you will play twice if you want to go for a whole round.

Also consider coming here early in the morning during the week rather than on busier times like the weekend. Space is very limited at this course and you might hear “Fore” more often than you like.

Nevertheless we can definitely recommend Mahlow as it is a fun course and suitable also for players with less experience.

Potsdamer Golf-Club

Probably out of all mentioned Golf courses Potsdamer Golf-Club is the most challenging and exciting golf courses around Berlin.

To get there you will definitely need a car from Berlin as there is no public transport around. That also means that there is enough space for very long holes with some challenging obstacles.

One of the highlights is around May when the orchard is in its full bloom (better don’t have hay fever though). If you can make it around this time of the year you are sure to have some of the best golf experiences of your life.

All Golf Courses in and around Berlin

If you fancy the occasional game and want to play each Golf course around Berlin then look no further. We have put together all Golf courses around Berlin in one map. Enjoy!

After all this golfing you might be interested in what other sports there are in and around Berlin that you can practice. If so check out more about the Top 10 sport activities in Berlin.