Dry Cleaning Services Berlin

Dry Cleaning Services in Berlin

Dry Cleaning Berlin

Does your suit need some professional cleaning after the last after work party?

Do your shirts need some cleaning and ironing but you don’t know how to do it?

It seems like you are in proper need of a professional dry cleaning service in Berlin.

Good news is that Berlin is anything but short of dry cleaning services.

Bad news is that you need to bring your precious suit and shirts there during business hours, which might be tricky if you work full time.

And even trickier you need to pick them up again and bring them home without creasing. It does not only sound like a lot of hassle, it really is a lot of hassle.

ZipJet – Online dry cleaning service

Zipjet Logo

Just started recently in Berlin, ZipJet offers a 24h dry cleaning pick up and delivery service.

ZipJet offers the same services as a stationary dry cleaner but with the additional service of pick up and drop off of your laundry at home.

In order to book their services all you need to do is download their app and place your order via your smartphone.

A driver will then pick up your laundry and return it to you within 24 hours. Right now the service is available within the ‘Ring’ and some places outside.

So make sure to check if your address is within their service area. But if you are within their service area then there is no easier way right now to take care of your dry cleaning and ironing.

Stationary Dry Cleaners in Berlin

Dry cleaners – or ‘Textilreinigungen’ in German – are usually smaller shops in each neighbourhood that offer cleaning and ironing services.

Sometimes dry cleaners also offer alteration services and are called ‘Änderungsschneiderei‘ in German.

So if you keep your eyes open while walking through Berlin you will more than likely walk past one of these shops.

And of course you can always find the nearest stationary dry cleaner by searching on Google Maps for the phrases ‘Textilreinigung’ or ‘Chemische Reinigung’.

Make sure to choose a trustworthy dry cleaner you give your suits to. In the past we experienced some poor services ourselves until we found the best dry cleaner in Berlin that we trust with our laundry – and it is online 😉

Stationary dry cleaners vs Online dry cleaning service

As you might have already figured out, we are big fans of using a online dry cleaning service rather than going to a dry cleaner shop.

We just can’t find any reason why you shouldn’t book this service online. The prices at ZipJet are the same as if you would bring your laundry to a shop.

Instead of wasting time to bring your laundry to the dry cleaner and pick them up again the next day why not let a driver pick up your laundry and bring it back to you the next day?

And most important so far we have never been disappointed by the quality of service of the online dry cleaning service.

I am sure you would have better chances to get a refund if not satisfied with a big company than at a small local shop. So why not give it a try next time yourself and use a online dry cleaner.