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Hardware Store Berlin

Finding a hardware store near your place will come in handy.

Luckily Berliners have a DIY-attitude and therefore a hardware store will never be far away from any place.

This attitude probably still derives from the times in Eastern Germany, when people could not get new stuff that easily and therefore had to fix stuff themselves.

Hardware stores (DIY) in Berlin

As already mentioned Germans, and especially Berliners, love to work on their houses and apartments.

As a consequence you will never be in a long search for a hardware store. The only question will be which one should you go to?

The major hardware chains in Berlin are OBI, Hagebau, Toom, Hornbach, Bauhaus and Hellweg.

Usually they have big stores with lots and lots of articles, which means they need some space.

That is why you won’t find a hardware store with a good selection in Berlin Mitte, but rather in the outskirts and in industrial areas.

In general all the big hardware stores have more or less the same products in stock.

In what they differ is the service and the prices.

This is why we will tell you about the ones that stand out and hopefully are close to your appartment in Berlin.

Hagebau Berlin*


Hagebau, sometimes wrongly referred to as Hagebaumarkt, is a famous hardware chain in Berlin.

Especially since they hired Mike Krüger, a famous German comedian, their TV spots get a lot of recognition.

Similar to OBI also Hagebau has a very good website with all important products in their online shop, including an extra Sales section.

This is a very big plus as Germans love to save money on good deals.

Compared to OBI Hagebau offers a wider range of products, but their physical stores are located further outside in the outskirts of Berlin.

So if you don’t mind driving a few minutes extra then Hagebau is your local hardware store of choice in Berlin. To find the nearest Hagebau in Berlin check out their online store finder*.

OBI Berlin

OBI Logo

OBI, famous in Germany because of their massive TV and print campaigns featuring an orange bieber, is a hardware chain with lots of products in stock and very competent service.

Their sortiment includes everything you might need in constructions, garden & home, technic, bathrooms & kitchens and more.

OBI is well known to have very skilled sales people that can help you with any questions you might have.

If you don’t own a car you can also the OBI website, where you can buy whatever you need online.

And as a special bonus there is also a help and advice section (‘Rat & Tat’) that contains a lot of useful information for the craftsman in you.

If you prefer to go to a physical store location you can find the nearest OBI using their store finder online.

For Prenzlauer Berg the nearest OBI will be located at Ostseestr. 107-111, 10409 Berlin.
Habitants of Wedding and Mitte might want to check out Demminer Str. 31, 13355 Berlin.
And if you happen to live in the West then you might want to go to Goerzallee 189-223, 14167 Berlin.

In summary you can say that OBI is one of the best hardware stores in Berlin. There are 8 different OBIs in Berlin right now, which means whereever you live the next OBI is not too far from you.

No matter if you have two left hands or consider yourself a talented craftsman the salesmen will help you out with any questions you might have.

And last but not least OBI in Berlin always has some products on sale with massive discounts so keep your eyes open for their local promotions.

Other Hardware Stores in Berlin

When relying on public transport your first priority for a DIY store in Berlin will be the vicinity to your place.

Luckily for you there are a lot of different hardware stores in Berlin, so also give toom, Hornbach or Hellweg a try.

Usually they will all have more or less the sames products in stock but may vary in prices and level of service.

Usually hardware stores in Berlin are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturdays from 10am to 8pm.

But before you go double check the opening hours on their websites.

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