Top 10 Berlin

Top 10 and Best of Berlin

Reichstag Berlin in Winter

Top 10 lists are usually very subjective and these Berlin Top 10 lists are no different.

So please keep in mind, that these lists reflect the opinions of very few and therefore many people might disagree.

But we really sat together in hot discussions and decided for our favorite Top 10 and hope that you enjoy them.

Our Top 10 and Best of Berlin lists contain the most important topics like food, leisure or sport activities in Berlin. But let’s not waste time here and let’s dive straight into it.

Top10 Things to Eat in Berlin

Spaetzle Lebensmittel Berlin Mitte

Of course no Top 10 is complete without talking about food.

And rather than sending you of to the best restaurants and leave you without any clue what to order we give you the best guidance there is and even recommend you the best dishes.

Please enjoy the Top 10 things to eat in Berlin.

Top10 Things to Do in Berlin

Bode Museum Berlin Museumsinsel

But Berlin is definitely not only about food. There is so much to do, see or discover while in the German capital that you would propably need several weeks to do it all.

This is why we also put together a list of the Top 10 things to do in Berlin.

We tried to cover all tastes so check them out and let us know what you think.

Top10 Sport Activities in Berlin

Golfing in Pankow Berlin

Feeling a bit chubby after trying out all of our tips on the food list?

Well here are some ideas on how to get rid of those extra pounds in no time.

Luckily for most sport activities you do not need to speak German.

Some of the sport clubs even offer special lessons for foreigners, just check their websites or read our article about the best sport activities in Berlin attentively.

Best Burger in Berlin

Tommies Burger Joint

Are you crazy about good quality burgers?

Do you consider a Big Mac being not a real burger? If yes then we have something for you.

All of these burger places have been hand picked and their burgers tested several times to make sure they always deliver the best Burgers in Berlin.

Writing about food can sometimes be such a hard job.

Best Schnitzel in Berlin

Imbiss 204

Have you ever heard of Schnitzel? If not it is time for you to expand your food-horizon and give this awesome dish a chance.

Be aware there are two very similar names for Schnitzel, which will leave you either with a pork Schnitzel (good) or a Schnitzel with veal meat (awesome).

Pork Schnitzels are called Schnitzel Wiener Art and Veal Schnitzel are called Wiener Schnitzel. Easy, right?

So check out our article about the best Schnitzel in Berlin.

Best Insider Tips Berlin

Believe us, we asked all our friends in Berlin about their favorite things to do or places to go.

We will keep updating our list of the best insider tips in Berlin so that you never miss a cool thing.