Best Schnitzel in Berlin

Best Schnitzel in Berlin

Are you looking for the best Schnitzel in Berlin? Well your search is over now, we have put together the best places in Berlin to eat a Schnitzel.

Be careful, that there is a huge difference between Wiener Schnitzel and Schnitzel Wiener Art.

Wiener Schnitzel KaDeWe

Wiener Schnitzel is made from veal and the meat is coated with flour, eggs and bread crumbs before it is fried in butter.

Schnitzel Wiener Art is made of pig where else the way of preparation is exactly the same as for Wiener Schnitzel.

As you will notice most of our picks are Wiener Schnitzel, as this is the real deal in terms of taste.

Of course you can find many other places, where they sell Schnitzel Wiener Art for less than half of their prices, but believe us, it is not worth to be stingy there.

1. Austria

When you name your restaurant “Austria” then you are probably very confident in your cooking.

And let us tell you – we have never had any comparable Wiener Schnitzel – not in Vienna, not in Bavaria, not anywhere else.

As you can see the Wiener Schnitzel is massive in its size – which is the traditional way.

Take a high quality piece of meat and hit it with a “Schnitzelklopfer” (google that one if you are not native German) until it is very flat and tender.

Then, after being dipped in bread crumbs, fry it in a lot of Schmalz (or oil or butter, but Schmalz is best for higher temperatures) while always keep the pan in a circular motion.

This way the Wiener Schnitzel is fried from both sides and more importantly this way the crust lifts itself up from the meat, which is very important for a real Wiener Schnitzel.

We have not been in the kitchen of Austria to supervise the cook if he does it exactly as we wrote, but judging from our experience they must have done so 😉

Anyhow, the sizes of the portions at Austria are massive, so unless you are really really really hungry you could also go for the smaller Wiener Schnitzel.

And just to mention it again, this has been the best Wiener Schnitzel we had in Berlin, nay anywhere in the world.

Location: Bergmannstr. 30, 10961 Berlin
Price: $$

2. Schnitzelei – Charlottenburg & Mitte

The Schnitzelei is our second pick for the best Schnitzel in Berlin.

The quality of their food is fantastic, no matter which of the many variations of the dish Schnitzel you pick.

Even some Veggie-options like Cheese-Schnitzel or Oyster-Schnitzel are on the menu at Schnitzelei.

For the ones that prefer Schnitzel made of meat there are endless options including Wiener Schnitzel (our favorite), Schnitzel Wiener Art, Turkey-Schnitzel, Jägerschnitzel and many more.

In summer make sure to call in advance and make a reservation for their very cosy outside area. Where else can you enjoy a fantastic Wiener Schnitzel while the Spree is passing you by just a few meters away in Berlin? Exactly, almost nowhere else!

If you are around the Mitte area we have good news for you as well, as you will find a second Schnitzelei close to Torstrasse.

And best of all, if you happen feel like having a Schnitzel on a Sunday, Schnitzelei offers you a huge discount on their Wiener Schnitzel as it is Schnitzeltag 🙂

Location: Röntgenstraße 7, 10587 Berlin & Chausseestr. 8, 10115 Berlin
Price: $$

3. Zollpackhof

To be honest we have not been to Zollpackhof in the first 10 years after moving to Berlin.

And we have to say this is a huge error on our side.

First of all if you want to eat in style and enjoy a fantastic view there is almost no better place than Zollpackhof.

Conveniently located close to the Hauptbahnhof and with a view of the Bundestag right at the water, Zollpackhof is a famous destination for tourists and locals.

And no worries, this is not one of those tourist traps where you overpay for food just because of the location.

The guys at Zollpackhof know how to make a proper Wiener Schnitzel for sure.

The size of those Schnitzel is massive, as they have been beaten flat as they should be, before being fried in Butterschmalz.

Of course the Wiener Schnitzel comes with Preiselbeeren such as it is a tradition in the South.

As a sidedish we can recommend the Kartoffel-Gurken-Salat, which tastes just like at Grandma’s home.

Location: Elisabeth-Abegg-Strasse 1, 10557 Berlin
Price: $$

4. Gasthaus Alt Wien

An absolute gem in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg, Gasthaus Alt Wien is the place to go if you fany an original Wiener Schnitzel.

First of all, the size of the Wiener Schnitzel is massive – dont be fooled from our picture, this is actually only a half portion, the other half is outside the picture.

So one Wiener Schnitzel is enough for two grown ups, unless you have not eaten for at least 4 days. But then you probably wont even have space for dessert, which would be a mistake.

As you can see from the picture already, this is a proper Wiener Schnitzel – meaning that the Panade (crust) is separated from the meat (by using the technique we described above for the Schnitzel at Austria).

The Schnitzel is bedded on a layer of warm potatoe salad and comes with a tasty Gurkensalad on the side.

Location: Hufelandstr. 22, 10407 Berlin
Price: $$

5. Maximilians

Another one of those restaurants where you might think this is a tourist trap as it is perfectly located in Berlin Mitte – Friedrichstraße.

But bear with us, this place also knows how to make a proper Wiener Schnitzel.

Instead of one big Schnitzel you will usually get two smaller ones fried individually.

They probably use a slightly different cut of meat for their Wiener Schnitzel and they do not beat it that flat as other places do.

But this doesn’t mean that this is one of our favorite Wiener Schnitzel in Berlin, especially as you get the real Bavarian feeling at Maximilians.

You can even lock away your own beer keg in one of their many lockers.

It can’t get more Bavarian than this.

Location: Friedrichstraße 185-190, 10117 Berlin
Price: $$

6. Erdinger am Gendarmenmarkt

If you are sightseeing in Berlin Mitte and fancy a Wiener Schnitzel with an unbeatable view of Gendarmenmarkt – then look no further.

Erdinger at Gendarmenmarkt might not be as famous as e.g. Augustiner on the other side of the square, but the food is as good as “over there on the other side” and in summer you have the advantage of being on the sunny side of the Gendarmenmarkt with a front view of the churches and the concert-house.

One thing to be aware of – you pay for the location here.

What do we mean with that?

Well the Wiener Schnitzel is great, otherwise it would not be on the list, right?

But the size of the Schnitzel is a bit small for the price you pay.

No chance to share one Schnitzel for two persons.

Location: Jägerstr. 56, 10117 Berlin
Price: $$$

7. Alpenstück

Schnitzel beim Alpenstück

Another great choice for one of the best Wiener Schnitzel is Alpenstück in Berlin Mitte.

The Wiener Schnitzel is accompanied by a very tasty potato and cucumber salad.

When you check their menu you will see only very few options to choose, but this means that they know how to prepare the meals offered.

And you will not be disappointed by the Wiener Schnitzel, which is not only very tasty but also enough even if you are very hungry.

Location: Schroederstr. 1, 10115 Berlin
Price: $$$

8. Spätzleclub

Schnitzel Spätzleclub

Don’t be fooled by the name Spätzleclub. As you might now Spätzle are a Swabian type of egg-noodles and have nothing to do with Schnitzel.

Well not nothing, because they are a very famous side-dish when ordering a Schnitzel in the South of Germany.

Coming back to Spätzleclub, each Friday they turn into Schnitzelclub and serve some of the best Schnitzels in Berlin to many hungry businessmen.

Their cozy little restaurant is packed around lunchtime and getting a place to sit down can be a gamble. But believe us this little restaurant serves some of the best Schnitzels around Berlin Mitte.

And best of all they offer Schnitzel Wiener art (pork) and Wiener Schnitzel (veal) with a side of delicious Spätzle. Make sure to pay one Euro extra and get Käsespätzle instead of just plain Spätzle.

Location: Seydelstr. 2, 10117 Berlin
Website: www.spä
Price: $$

9. Max und Moritz

Max und Moritz Berlin

Max und Moritz, located at Moritzplatz Kreuzberg, is one of the most iconic German restaurants in Berlin.

First of all the location is just awesome with a great nicely decorated eating hall in the back and a cozy Wirtshaus-like feel in the front of the restaurant.

And best of all they offer all the great German dishes such as Schnitzel and Rouladen.

But as we are talking about the best Schnitzels here you can guess what is our recommendation for you – exactly.

You should definitely order their enourmos and amazing Wiener Schnitzel, you will not regret it!

Location: Oranienstraße 162, 10969 Berlin
Price: $$

10. Brechts

If you are on a tight budget you should consider not going to Brechts for a Wiener Schnitzel.

But for a special occassion there are few places that offer a better combination of fantastic taste and style than Brechts.

Brechts is located in the heart of Berlin right at the shore of the Spree and next to world-famous Friedrichstrasse.

For the extra twist and special taste the Wiener Schnitzel is fried in lemon-butter and served with a very tasty potato salad and cranberries. Such a great combination!

Location: Schiffbauerdamm 6/7, 10117 Berlin
Price: $$$

Closed for good – Wiener Schnitzel at KaDeWe

Wiener Schnitzel KaDeWe
  • Update: KaDeWe has closed down their meat food stall in the corner of the 5th floor.

If you fany a Schnitzel you can still get one at one of the new restaurants there, but it is not the same anymore.

Whatever they have been thinking when remodelling the food area we don’t know.

But we definitely hope they will get enough bad feedback to put their Wiener Schnitzel back on the menu. End Update–

If you only have time to try one of our top picks while in Berlin make sure it is the Wiener Schnitzel at KaDeWe.

Of course the Wiener Schnitzel is made of a very thin piece of meat and coated in a fantastic mixture of egg, flour and bread crumbs.

We have to admit that the Panade (coating) of the Wiener Schnitzel at KaDeWe is the best Panade we have ever tasted and set’s this Wiener Schnitzel apart from all other Schnitzels.

One can only guess what kind of bread crumbs they use, but what we already have seen is, that while the cook is preparing the tender piece of meat, he is using some special kind of (olive?) oil in vast quantities, while the Schnitzel is on the grill.

Probably it is a mixture of the high quality of the ingridients and the experience of the chef that this Wiener Schnitzel is without doubt the best Wiener Schnitzel in Berlin (and the best you will get anywhere, even in Vienna, the birthplace of the Wiener Schnitzel).

Location: Tauenzienstraße 21-24
Price: $$$

Closed for good – Brot und Salz

Schnitzel Brot und Salz

Some of the best news in recent months was the opening of Brot und Salz in Prenzlauer Berg.

As you might have noticed already there is a real shortage of very good German/Austrian restaurants in Berlin.

But now with Brot and Salz there is a place to go if you fancy some real traditional German cuisine.

And the best item on their menu is of course the Wiener Schnitzel.

We highly recommend to come to Brot und Salz very hungry as the Wiener Schnitzel portion is unbelievably big.

If you go for the big portion you will actually get 2 full Wiener Schnitzel.

And let us tell you these 2 Schnitzels taste like a dream, the meat is tender and the crust is just perfect.

And if you dare we highly recommend the Kaiserschmarrn as a dessert.

Location: Prenzlauer Alle 27A, 10405 Berlin
Price: $$

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