Cable Contract Berlin

Cable Contract Berlin

Signing up for a cable contract is quite easy in Berlin.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that sometimes the Hausverwaltung (the guys maintaining your house) might have signed an exclusive contract with one of the cable providers in Berlin.

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In this case your choice is limited to exactly this provider, but other than that you can choose from several options.

Another thing to consider is if you simply want to sign up for cable TV or if you want to sign up for a combi contract including internet, TV and a German land line phone.

This option might be cheaper than having different contracts for each service.

Deutsche Telekom

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Deutsche Telekom offers a full service when it comes to Cable TV, internet, mobile and landline phones.

The same rule applies here as well: when signing up for all services together with Deutsche Telekom, instead of different companies for each different service, you will save a lot of money.

Why should you sign up with Deutsche Telekom you might ask yourself now.

The answer is simple, no other German internet/cable/phone provider offers better quality than Deutsche Telekom.

So if you are willing to pay a bit more than others you can be sure that you get the best service and quality for your money with Deutsche Telekom.

Vodafone – Unitymedia

Unitymedia Logo

If you are looking for an affordable way to receive all German TV stations in HD Quality then we definitely recommend you to check out Unitymedia.

You will find a lot of options on their website, but basically there are only two things to consider.

Do I want to sign up only for TV? If so just go for the basic option which will just provide you access to around 150 TV stations.

Another option would be to sign up for Internet and TV at the same time (depending if Unitymedia can provide Internet at your address in Berlin).

Then you will get the best of both worlds, very fast Internet and all TV stations available in Germany.

Vodafone – Kabel Deutschland

Vodafone recently acquired Kabel Deutschland and completely rebranded their services. So don’t get confused when you still see Kabel Deutschland, all services are now integrated with Vodafone.

Your best choice is always to sign up for Cable and Internet at the same time. This way you only have to deal with one company and it is cheaper than having two different contracts.

If you move to Berlin and have no Internet contract as well, it is well worth considering signing up for a complete package of TV, Internet and landline phone.

Internet via cable is generally faster than DSL, so if you are a speed junkie signing up with Vodafone also for Internet is a very good choice.

Almost no other company in Germany can offer download rates of up to 200Mbit/s right now.

Cable contract vs TV via Internet

How do you know if you should sign up for a cable contract and when it would be better to get TV via your internet provider (IPTV)?

If you are a TV junkie and your priority is having more channels and the best quality possible then you should definitely go for a cable contract.

TV via cable is very stable and is not affected by bad weather or when your internet is slower than it should be.

Unless you go for a TV, internet and phone all together contract , then IPTV could be a cheaper option for you. Companies like Vodafone offer IPTV on top of their standard internet contracts.

Personally I would always go for TV via cable as once you saw TV in HD you don’t want to go back or be disturbed by slow internet and therefore time-lags.

Ask your landlord or check your rental agreement if you have to sign up with a certain provider though. Continue reading if you want to go for TV via internet.