Best Kebab Berlin

Best Kebab in Berlin

Finding the best Kebab is one of the trickiest tasks there are in Berlin.

The amount of different Kebab places is just way too high.

In some areas like Neukölln or Kreuzberg you will find 5 different Kebab restaurants within 2 minutes of walking distance.

Kebab Chicken Berlin Bilakiss

So you might ask yourself where can I find the best Kebab in Berlin?

Lucky for you we have already tried hundreds of different Kebabs in Berlin, ranging from Veggie Kebab to Chicken Kebab to Veal Kebab.

Just on a side-note, you might want to call a Kebab a Döner in Berlin.

No real Berliner uses the word Kebab, it is simply a Döner.

Best Kebab Places in Berlin on a map

Mustafas Gemüse Kebab

If you have not tried Mustafas Gemüse Kebab then you don’t know just how awesome a freshly prepared Kebab can taste like.

If you only have time to try one Kebab then make sure you head out to Kreuzberg and give Mustafas a try.

Simply the best Kebab in Berlin and worldwide.

Actually Mustafas Gemüse Kebab is so amazing that it is on the top spot of our Top 10 things to eat in Berlin list.

You might be wondering what it is that puts Mustafas so far ahead of all other Kebabs. Let us tell you about their Kebab then.

Starting with the bread that is freshly grilled followed by the homemade choice of yoghurt-, garlic- and spicy sauce.

Next to mention is the quality of their chicken meat, which they always make sure that it is grilled to the exact spot, no matter if there are 100 people in line waiting and freezing.

Good quality meat simply takes some time on the grill.

But what makes Mustafas Gemüse Kebab so special are the deep fried veggies.

A mix of paprika, potatoes, carrots and some other stuff deep fried and seasoned added to the already very tasty meat just makes Mustafas the best döner in Berlin.

Just one thing that we have to mention in order to avoid any disappointment. If you are in a hurry do not waste your time trying to get a Mustafas Kebab.

We have experienced waiting times from 30 minutes (cold, rainy and early) to 90 minutes (sunny and around 6 p.m.).

If you happen to fancy a Mustafas Kebab in Friedrichshain, well lucky you.

Mustafa Kebab opened up a second kebab place right at Warschauer Strasse.

This is the perfect location for a quick kebab on the way home after a long night of drinks and party in the RAW area and/or Simon-Dach-Strasse

Locations: Mehringdamm 32, 10961 Berlin & Warschauer Strasse 27A, 10243 Berlin
Price: $

Konyali Berlin

After reading about Mustafas one might think that there can be no other Kebab place come close.

But rest assured Konyali is absolutely worth a try as well.

Conveniently located in a side street off Kottbusser Tor Konyali recently renovated and bought Der Gerät.

The fact alone that Der Gerät is working at Konyali now is a reason to visit this Konyalis at least once a week.

Watching Der Gerät automatically grill and cut the Kebab meat has almost a hypnotizing effect that in the past only could have been achieved by whale sounds.

In case you have no idea what Der Gerät means just watch the video.

But to be honest, Konyali already served some of the best Kebabs around even before they upgraded to Der Gerät.

Our favorite is of course the Döner Spezial Teller in large, which comes with French Fries covered in salad, meat and sauce.

Definitely can’t go wrong with that, can you?

Location: Reichenberger Str. 6, 10999 Berlin
Price: $$

Teras Döner Kebab

When thinking about Berlin Mitte a good döner kebab is probably the last thing that will come to mind.

But luckily for you Teras Döner Kebab is an island of good and affordable taste in the middle of high end restaurants in Berlin Mitte district.

According to one of the biggest local newspapers here in Berlin Teras even ranks on the No.1 spot on their list for the best kebabs in Berlin.

And you know what, even though on our list Teras “only” comes in at Position 3, this kebab is a must try when in Berlin.

The Teras team is extraordinarely polite – even if there is a line of hungry people waiting to place their order, the team always takes its time and makes sure you get exactly what you want.

If we take a closer look at the kebab, the meat (veal, no chicken option) is juicy and thinly sliced, the salad, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and the homemade sauces are all fresh and really tasty.

Our recommendation is to get a kebab menu, which also includes the freshly deep fried french fries – kebab and fries are an almost unbeatable combination.

Location: Wilhelmstraße 45, 10117 Berlin
Price: $$

Rüyam Döner Berlin

This is a absolute wonder – this Döner place opened up a branch in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg with fantastic ratings on Google.

And we haven’t heard about it until recently!!!

We still wonder how this could happen, especially as in Prenzlauer Berg there is still a real shortage of good tasty kebabs.

But now that we found this place we will never forget it again.

This is partly due to the fact that the girls working their really enjoy their work and they greet each customer personally and make them feel welcome.

And of top of this the Dürüm Kebab is just fantastic.

Only the freshest ingredients and high quality meat make for an unbeatable combination.

Location: Schönhauser Allee 44A, 10435 Berlin
Price: $$

Bilakiss Berlin

Döner Bilakiss

We have to admit that Bilakiss has not reinvented the Döner.

What you see is almost a 1:1 copy of the world famous Mustafas Gemüsekebab.

But is this a bad thing?

If you ask us, no, it’s not. Why trying to make something different if you can try to be as good as the original.

And if we are completely honest, we are not sure if we would be able to tell the difference between a Mustafas and a Bilakiss Gemüsekebab in a blind tasting.

So if you fancy a good döner in Prenzlauer Berg, just go for it!

Location: Wichertstraße 0, 10439 Berlin
Website: (currently offline)
Price: $$

Mehas Döner Berlin

Remember when we told you that you will find a good kebab in every corner in Berlin?

We admit it, we might have exaggerated a tiny bit.

Finding a good kebab in Prenzlauer Berg really is a difficult task. The problem is not that there aren’t enough kebab places around.

The real problem is that most of them are those kebab places are just standard kebab places – nothing wrong about it but also nothing to recommend.

However with Mehas Döner in Greifswalder Strasse now every citizen of Prenzlauer Berg can satisfy his/her cravings for a great kebab without travelling through half the town to Kreuzberg or Neukölln.

Fresh meat, great quality ingredients and a big enough place so you can sit down and dig into your kebab in peace.

Location: Greifswalder Str. 208a, 10405 Berlin
Website: keine Webseite
Price: $$

Checkpoint Kebab

Kebab Checkpoint

One of the more hidden gems on our best kebab list for sure.

But if you look closely you will notice all the signs that indicate that this is a very good kebab.

The meat and the vegetables are very fresh and nicely arranged.

When you walk past you will always see a small to medium line of locals waiting for their kebab, which shows that even the experts choose this place.

And if you feel like something fancier than just a simple kebab you can also sit inside their restaurant, which offers amazing and authentic food straight from the grill.

Location: Kochstr. 16, 10969 Berlin
Price: $$

K’Ups Gemüsekebap

Do you want to try an amazing Gemüse Kebab but you live in Prenzlauer Berg and don’t have 2 hours for a trip to Kreuzberg including lining up at Mustafas?

Well good news is that at Kastanienallee close to Eberswalder Strasse there is a Gemüse Kebap place that offers a very similar tasting Kebab but without the hassle of waiting for hours.

So if you feel like a Chicken or Veggie Kebab and you are around Eberswalder Strasse make sure to visit Gemüse Kebap. Yes that’s right, in German we would say “Der Name ist Programm”.

Location: Kastanienallee 102, 10435 Berlin
Website: keine Webseite
Price: $$

Berlin is the Home of the Döner

Did you ever hear the rumour that the kebab has been invented in Berlin?

Well this is actually true.

In 1972 Kadir Nurman had the brilliant idea to put the traditional thinly cut meat in a toasted flatbread and we had our first döner.

In the beginning Döner (Kebab) was very popular with the Turkish exapts working in Berlin.

But with time more and more Germans discovered this tasty fast food and Döner kebabs became one of the most popular dishes in Berlin.

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