Best Outdoor Locations in Berlin

Where to find the best outdoor locations in Berlin

Especially now with Corona everywhere Berliners are truly happy that most of their social live can happen somewhere outdoors.

Lake Krumme Lanke

Maybe you haven’t heard yet, but Berlin is a surprisingly green city.

There are countless of small and big parks in each neighbourhood as well as many lakes for swimming around the outskirts of Berlin.

And while you maybe can’t compare Berlin to Munich here, there are still quite a few nice beergardens as well to find.

And last but not least, many restaurants and bars also offer seats outdoors.

So make sure to read until the end as we are going to tell you about the best parks, restaurants, beergardens, lakes and any other outdoor locations worth visiting.

Overview of Outdoor Locations

As there are plenty of outdoor spots that we love but can’t put on our highlight list make sure to browse our map with all favorite outdoor spots marked.

Tiergarten Berlin

One of the most famous parks in any big capital around the world is Tiergarten Berlin.

With about 2/3 of the size of Central Park New York the Berliner Tiergarten is one of the biggest inner city parks worldwide.

Some of the most famous landmarks are within the Tiergarten area or mark its borders, such as the Brandenburger Tor or the Siegessäule.

Cafe am Neuen See within the Tiergarten Berlin is one of the nicest outdoor locations in Berlin. Rent a boat for a romantic ride on the lake “

Insider Tip 1

Take an afternoon off from all the noise in the city and explore Tiergarten from East to West.

Several beergardens such as Cafe am Neuen See or Schleusenkrug are waiting for you to grab a beer and sit down after a long stroll through the park.

Treptower Park

Treptower Park

This nice park is one of the favorite spots for locals from East Berlin.

Conveniently located with direct access to the Ringbahn Treptower Park offers some of the nicest views of Berlin and the Spree.

Swimming in the Spree is in theory possible (the water is quite calm), but is not really recommended due to the pollution in the river.

However, in summer you will see countless people jumping into the water without hesitation.

Another perk of Treptower Park is its enourmous size. If you want to play frisbee, tennis or any other sport where you need some free space around, then Treptower Park is highly recommended.

And make sure to bring your camera as the view from the shore of the river Spree towards Berlin is unbeatable.

Badeschiff Berlin

In case you have been a bit disappointed that swimming in Treptower Park is not really recommended we have another idea for you.

Just a few minutes bike ride away is the world famous Badeschiff.

An outdoor swimming pool that is floating in the Spree with incredible vista of Berlin.

Incredibly busy during the weekends and school holidays, so if you can you better plan to visit during the week.

Also a perfect location to sip a drink and watch the sun set in the West.

Holzmarkt Berlin

We are somehow following the Spree further down direction city center (starting with Treptower Park followed by Badeschiff) and we discover the unique Holzmarkt Berlin.

This area, which back in the days was one of the wildest party-locations in Berlin (Bar25) is now something truly unique.

For people who want to rave until the sun goes up there is Kater Blau, one of the most famous Berlin nightclubs.

For anyone else, who wants to enjoy a nice cold beer while sitting at a bonfire or on the banks of the river Spree, Holzmarkt is just the location for you.

Once they close at night this is also the perfect spot to start your party-night. Some of the most famous clubs, such as Kater Blau or Berghain, are just around the corner.


You might ask yourself why we are recommending a bridge as an outdoor location.

But if you ever tried to cross the Landwehrkanal at night via the Admiralsbrücke you know why.

One of Berlin’s most favorite spots to meet up on a warm summer night and enjoy some cheap beer from the Späti, Admiralsbrücke is the perfect spot to hang out.

Also, along the canal, you will find some nice cafes and restaurants (some even on ships parked in the canal) to refuel.

Heckmann Höfe

Speaking of nice cafes and restaurants… Make sure to check out the Heckmann Höfe in Berlin Mitte.

Surprisingly very few Berliners know about this hidden gem close the world famous Hackesche Höfe.

While we also recommend to walk past the Hackesche Höfe, we do feel like the Heckmann Höfe are less touristy and have this awesome relaxed vibe.

If you are with a group of friends who don’t mind sharing food then make sure to go to Night Kitchen at Heckmann Höfe, one of the hottest restaurants right now in Berlin.


If you ever feel like listening to hip electronic music while sipping an ice-cold drink while enjoying a stunnig vista of Berlin – I mean who doesn’t – then KlunkerKranich might be your new favorite place in Berlin.

Located on top of the Neukölln Arcaden shopping center this is by far the best rooftop-terrace-beergarden worldwide.

Yes, worldwide. Maybe some rooftops in NY might offer a more stunning view and maybe some rooftops in London might serve fancier cocktails.

But there is no place like KlunkerKranich when it comes to the mix of the music, the people, the vibe…Just everything comes together perfectly here.

Get here early in the evening to avoid waiting for hours in line to get in!

Insider Tip 2

Museumsinsel Berlin

Bode Museum

Most of you will probably have heard of the Museumsinsel already.

I mean, this is one of the few Unesco Cultural Heritage Sights in Berlin, so you probably might have heard of it.

And yes, it is worth taking the time to visit each and every single one of the museums that are part of the Museumsinsel.

Check out our article about the best museums in Berlin if you are interested in this.

But what is, at least in our opinion, even better than to visit the museum from inside is to walk around the Museumsinsel and enjoy the little parks such as Lustgarten or the Monbijou-Park, which is just on the other shore of the Bode-Museum.

Strandbad Grünau

Our last outdoor location tip in Berlin is again something for all of you who like to take a break from the heat and cool down in the water.

You might be surprised that the only lake on our list here is first of all not one of the more famous lakes such as Wannsee or Müggelsee, and secondly not really a lake at all.

Strandbad Grünau is located on the shore of the Dahme river shortly before the water meets the Müggelsee.

What does this mean? This means the river is almost still and there are no currents.

And best of all, the water is, compared to many other lakes around Berlin, nice and clean.

To get to Strandbad Grünau you should rent a car or take the S-Bahn to Grünau and then walk the rest (or take the Tram for 3 stops) of the way.

This hidden gem is totally worth the trip far East.

We hope you enjoyed our highlights of outdoor locations in Berlin and if you are interested in the best lakes or the best parks we will soon update this as well.

Until then you might want to enjoy the time and go to one of our favorite restaurants in Berlin.

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