Gas Provider Berlin

Gas Provider Berlin

Most houses in Berlin still rely heavily on gas for the heating system.

Therefore choosing the best gas provider in Berlin will save you a lot of money.

Gasag Hackescher Markt

Switching your gas provider in Berlin is as easy as changing the electricity provider or the internet provider.

You can do this online with the comfort of comparing prices and choosing the best option for your needs.

When moving into an apartment or house in Berlin you are signed up with GASAG without any contracts to sign. GASAG is the “Grundversorger” for gas in Berlin.

While this is very convenient and ensures that you will never be cut of supply (unless you don’t pay them of course) it also comes with higher costs than other companies charge.

E wie einfach

E wie einfach

E wie einfach is one of the best electricity and gas providers in Berlin and the rest of Germany.

As mentioned before it does make perfect sense to change both electricity and gas to the same provider.

Especially as E wie einfach is always rated amongst the best gas providers in Berlin you can’t do anything wrong with them.

E wie einfach is very customer friendly as they let you out of the contract (in case you want to switch or move out) within 1 month of notice.

Other companies lock you in for 12 months at least which can bring some frustration with it if you want to change.

That means if you want to you can just quit after 13 months and get the full bonus. With most other gas providers you would have to stay for 24 months in order to get the bonus for one full year.

Additionally, from time to time E wie einfach is running some promotitions.

So look out for a signup bonus to save some additional money.

And best of all the service at E wie einfach is way better than at most other competitors.

Every client will get online access to their online service center where you can access all of your data and also contact their service persons in case of any problem.

All in all E wie einfach is the best option to choose when looking for a gas provider in Berlin.



If you are looking for a gas provider in Berlin that is very environmentally friendly and saves you money compared to the Grundversorger GASAG then Entega might be your best choice.

You can find more information about their projects for mother nature on their website.

You will also find a price calculator, that let’s you see how much gas a year you will use and of course how much this will cost you.

Also worth mentioning is the fact, that you don’t have to pay upfront but in monthly rates.

Generally be very cautious whenever you have to pay for a service upfront for a year or more. If the company goes bankrupt you will lose all your money.

Changing Gas Providers in Berlin

Gas Provider Berlin

As mentioned before it is very simple and comfortable to change gas providers in Berlin.

Most gas providers offer the possibility to sign up online on their website.

They will usually also take care of ending your contract with your previous gas company in Berlin so that you will not have the problem of paying 2 contracts at the same time or even worse be without a gas provider at all.

If you are also planning to change your electricity provider in Berlin then consider signing up for gas and electricity with the same company (e.g. E wie einfach).

Less contracts = less hassle and more potential to save money.