Centro Italia Berlin

Centro Italia Prenzlauer Berg – Authentic Italian Cuisine & Groceries

Centro Berlin Supermarket

For all of you that moved to Berlin from Italy – we have the place for you to go if you ever feel homesick.

Do you miss your original Parma ham? Do you crave some Lemonsoda or Oransoda?

Did your Bialetti Mocca maker break and you need a new one?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then make sure to head over to Centro Italia.

Nowhere else will you have a similar choice of original Italian foods and groceries (including softdrinks or wines) than here.

Sandwiches at Centro Italia

Centro Italia Sandwich Berlin

Nowadays many office workers around Greifswalder Strasse are coming to Centro Italia for their lunch break.

And this is not because of the missing alternatives around there.

This is because there is no other place that will make you such big fat sandwiches for such a small price.

Our all time favorite is the Bufalino Sandwich.

Freshly baked olive bread topped with mozzarello di buffalo, parma ham, sundried tomatoes, etc. make these sandwiches almost impossible to eat (because of the size of course).

Only the best and freshest ingredients are used – if they run out of mozzarello di buffalo they will even tell you that and apologize rather than just putting some cheap mozzarello on top.

Pizza at Centro Italia

Centro Italia Berlin

If you fancy some pizza check out their daily specials announced on their boards. How about some Salami (and with some we mean a lot) and blue cheese?

You would not have guessed that those two together taste so awesome.

Don’t be afraid to order a pizza, even though the staff, authentic Italians, will tell you that the pizza base is not freshly made but deep frozen.

If you would not know that you couldn’t tell.

And best of all, as Centro Italia actually is more of a supermarket than a restaurant, you can buy all ingredients that they use on your way out.

Location: Greifswalder Str. 80c, 10405 Berlin
Price: $