Watch live Football in Berlin

Where can I watch live football in Berlin?

Have you asked yourself this very important question?

And have you already found your favorite place to watch football in Berlin?

If not, you are in luck and we will tell you exactly where to go.

Surely you must have as Berlin is not only home to one, but two German Bundesliga Teams.

For those who don’t know, the German Bundesliga is the top football league in Germany.

And for those who also don’t know, Berlin has a team from the former Western part of the city called Hertha BSC and one team from the former Eastern part called 1. FC Union Berlin.

But apart from watching Bundesliga live most of you probably have their own favorite team that plays internationally, such as in the Champions League or your own national team.

So you might not only be interested in watching some German league games, but also some international games.

The obvious starting point would be to tell you about the stadiums in Berlin – Olympiastadion for Hertha BSC and Alte Försterei for Union Berlin.

But lets do this later and focus first on international games and Bundesliga live on television.

Most famous football bars in Berlin to watch football live

What is the second best way to watch a football match live (after being there at the stadium of course)?

Exactly, watching football live with hundreds of other fans in one of the many football bars around Berlin.

So without any further ado, here are some great football bars and pubs all around Berlin that show live football and serve cold beer.

FC Magnet Bar

Our personal favorite, FC Magnet Bar in the epicentre of Berlin, just between Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.

Why do we love this football bar so much?

Easy to explain, first of all you will have a very very friendly and relaxed crowd during football games, especially during Bundeliga games.

At FC Magnet Bar there is none of the extreme hardcore fans that don’t accept it if you support the opposing team.

During half time you can always test your skills at their perfectly oiled and maintained Kicker-Tisch (table soccer, futbolin, whatever you call it).

And after your favorite team has one the match you can always go downstairs and have fun in their Karaoke room.

FC Magnet Bar shows matches such as Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga, Zweite Bundesliga, Dritte Liga, DFB Pokal, Premiere League and international matches.

Check out their website for all fixtures in the upcoming days.

Location: Veteranenstr. 26, 10119 Berlin
Price: $$


Another all-time favorite to watch football live in Berlin – Schmittz.

Apart from cold beer, hot atmosphere and loud screams you can always give your ping pong skills a go and try your luck at something called “Umlauf”.

Umlauf basically is a game of 20+ people running around the ping pong table and whoever makes a mistake has to leave – until it is down to 2 finalists to decide who wins this round.

But now back to what we came for, which is of course football.

At Schmittz you will always find a place near the bar to watch football either on the big screen or on one of the TVs around the place.

A friendly crowd and friendly prices make for a very pleasant football experience.

Location: Gormannstraße 19, 10119 Berlin
Website: –
Price: $


If you live in Prenzlauer Berg and you love football then 100% sure you have already heared of Schwalbe.

When we moved to Berlin back in the days you could find the Schwalbe in Stargarder Straße.

But as Berlin is an ever-changing city they moved from Stargarder Straße a couple of blocks down to Pappelalle.

The big plus in this new location is that in spring and summer you can also watch football live outside instead of being packed into a small dark bar.

Similar to FC Magnet Bar you can always check out their website for the next matches, which are basically as well everything from CL to Europa League, 1. and 2. Bundesliga, German cup games, Premier League, etc.

Location: Pappelallee 65, 10437 Berlin
Price: $

Tante Käthe

I know I know, we already said about the other bars that they are our all-time favorites, etc.

But hear us out… Tante Käthe is probably the best place to watch live football here in Berlin if you love to play table soccer (Kicker) on a professional level.

So if you want to get your ass kicked at Kicker, no matter how good you think you are, chances are quite high that it will happen, we highly recommend Tante Käthe.

In summer there is space to sit outside as well to enjoy live football, cold beer and warm sunshine.

And best of all, if the game happens to be on a Sunday you can just watch the game before or after spending some time at the world famous Mauerpark flea market.

Location: Bernauer Str. 63-64, 13355 Berlin
Price: $$

Other Sports Bars in Berlin to watch football live

We know, this list is far from being complete, Berlin being way too big for that.

That is why we put together a Google map overview and marked the best places in Berlin to watch football.

Surely there is a sports bar close to you, too.

Watch football in Berlin at the stadium

Experiencing football live in the stadium is our favorite way to watch a game.

At least as long as the temperature is above 25 degrees, no wind, sunshine and the beer is cold.

Berlin has several stadiums that are used for football, but by far the two most famous are the world famous Olympic stadium in the west of Berlin and the cosy stadium An der alten Försterei.

Olympic Stadium

Probably all of you have seen the pictures and videos from the Olympic Games back in 1936.

The most iconic architectural features are the gap in the stands behind one of the goals (which gave a view of the Olympic Fire) and the blue tartan track around the pitch for track and field events.

With a capacity of around 75.000 this stadium, when it is sold out, seems to vibrate with the sound of the fans.

However, and we need to mention this, when the stadium is only filled to half capacity or less the wide tartan track and the gap in the stands are responsible for the sound to get escape.

The Olympic Stadium and the surrounding areal are really impressive and even worth a visit when Hertha BSC is not playing at home.

Tours of the stadium can be booked in advance online.

Stadion zur alten Försterei

The complety opposite of the big and impressive Olympic Stadium – but one of our favorite stadiums in Germany to watch football.

When you take public transport direction Köpenick and get off at the S-Bahn you will already be surrounded by enthusiastic fans on match day.

Then you will make your way towards what feels a bit like a little forest and then there it is – An der alten Försterei (a Försterei is a forestry).

The stadium is one of the smaller ones in the German Bundesliga, but also the stadium with the highest ratio of standing area compared to seating area.

This means 3 out of the 4 stands are full of standing and enthusiastic fans shouting and singing.

As the stadium is quite small the sound just seems to be trapped in between the stands and to amplify.

But no worries, if you want to see a match with your small kids just make sure to be in the seating area and they will enjoy it as well.

Now the choice is yours, do you want to watch football in Berlin in one of the many sport bars or do you feel like it is time for a visit to the stadium again?

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