Maria Bonita Berlin

Maria Bonita in Berlin Maria Bonita Berlin

Finally you can get real Mexican food in Berlin and luckily Maria Bonita serves some of the best Quesadillas and Burritos that we ever tried in our lives.

If you are used to Mexican restaurants in Germany you might not be prepared what you gonna experience here.

The Quesadilla de pollo is stuffed and overflows with cheese and grilled chicken stripes.

Tacos are deliciously filled with fresh meat and sides and don’t even get us started on the size and taste of their delicious burritos.

One plate full of Berlin’s finest mexican food will fill you up for sure. No need to go for a dessert.

Berlin’s first real Mexican restaurant

It might be debatable if Maria Bonita is really a restaurant or not.

You can’t call to make a reservation and there are no tables where you could have a romantic dinner with your loved one.

But it is out of the question that finally you can get some real Mexican food in Berlin.

All dishes are prepared in front of you and the chef definitely knows how to season his food and how to work that big grill.

If you want to pass some time while waiting for your food you can conveniently watch the chef freshly prepare your food in front of your eyes.

Insider Tip for Maria Bonita in Berlin

Quesadilla de pollo – Our favorite dish without any doubt.

A large grilled flour tortilla that is overstuffed with Monterrey cheese and grilled chicken strips.

Can’t get any mejor than this!

However, if you fancy a Burrito, we can heavily recommend the beef burrito with avocado.

The combination of beef and avocado might sound strange at first but it goes together so well together you won’t believe it.

And make sure to get some of the homemade free salsa on top for the extra kick.

Information for Maria Bonita

Location: Danziger Strasse 33, 10435 Berlin
Price: $