Best Burger Berlin

Best Burger in Berlin

Finding the best burger in Berlin is a very difficult task. There are new burger places popping up literally everyday nowadays.

But don’t you worry, with our help you will find the best burgers in Berlin.

Burger International BBQ

Berliners love a high quality burger with freshly ground meat and fresh ingredients.

So forget anything you thought you knew about burgers and especially fast food.

Get read for a journey trough Berlin and discover the best burger places in Berlin.

To guide you through this journey we have put together a list of the best burger places in Berlin, which of course will be constantly updated.

Remember, new burger restaurants popping up in Berlin everyday. But enough said let the burger journey through Berlin begin.

All Best Burger Places in Berlin at a Glance

1. Tommi’s Burger Joint

Tommis Burger Joint

If you ever are around Rosenthaler Platz and you feel like having one of the best burgers in Berlin then you need to head over to Tommi’s Burger Joint.

What’s funny we could not even tell you anything special about their burgers.

There are no fancy sauces, crazy toppings or anything similar that make Tommi’s such an amazing burger.

The use of only the best meats, a fantastic burger bun and grilled to perfection, it is just this combination that makes Tommi’s one of the best burgers we ever had in our lifes.

On top of the great burgers Tommi’s also offers fantastic sweet potatoe fries and a big variety of sauces.

Oh and have we mentioned that the guys (I think they are from Iceland) are very fun and love what they are doing, which you can taste.

Location: Invalidenstraße 160
Price: $$
Delivery: Wolt* (3x 5€ discount possible, use code GJDSZ2C when signing up in their app or website)

2. Rembrandt Burger

Rembrandt Burger

Without a doubt one of the best burgers I had so far in my life.

They offer just a limited choice of great burgers at Rembrandt, but each burger is the perfect combination of great juicy meat and the best toppings combined.

Our favorite pick so far is their Amsterdam Burger with 2 types of melted cheese, Cheddar and Gouda.

What sounds like a cheese overload is in reality one of the best things you will ever taste in your life.

And to top it off go for the mix of french fries, sweet potatoe and normal fries, with the peanut sauce dip. It can’t get better than that.

Location: Richard-Sorge-Straße 21
Price: $$
Delivery: Wolt* (3x 5€ discount possible, use code GJDSZ2C when signing up in their app or website) & Lieferando*

3. The Bird

The Bird Berlin Burger

You can call the Bird without hesitation a true Berlin burger institution.

Their focus on good quality meat, which is processed freshly, and their ridiculous sized burgers (small buns big patty, the way it should be) make a visit to The Bird unforgettable.

The first thought that comes in mind is “How am I supposed to eat this?”, but try to eat it with your hands (at least try, the cook will appreciate it).

All the sauce dripping of your burger also adds taste to your fries. Oh the fries, hand cut and also upgradeable to chili cheese fries.

Have I mentioned already that the meat is about 2-3 thumbs thick? And that it still has so much juice and taste inside that your taste sense will go crazy?

Truly The Bird is no secret tip anymore, as they already opened up new restaurants in Kreuzberg (currently closed), Hackescher Markt (focus on steaks), Schönhauser Allee (focus on BBQ) and even in Hamburg, but it is still worth to go.

That is if you have a reservation, otherwise you will only get a seat at the bar.

Location: Am Falkplatz 5
Price: $$$

4. BBI – Berlinburger International

BBI Burger Berlin

Opened in 2010 BBI – Berlinburger International has become one of the most famous burger places in Berlin.

Located close to Sonnenallee in the Berlin district of Neukölln, BBI serves some of the biggest and tastiest burgers you have ever seen.

Of course the downside of being that famous and having a rather small venue is that you will most likely eat your burger standing around squeezed between other hungry faces, but believe me, it will be worth it.

BBI serves some classic burgers like BBQ Burger, Cheeseburger and co, but be on the lookout, as they always have a special burger on sale.

Oh have I mentioned the chili cheese fries already? No? Now I have, and they are fantastic.

Location: Pannierstr. 5
Website: No website
Price: $$
Delivery: Lieferando*

5. Burgermeister

Burgermeister Burger

If you want to eat awesome burgers in style make sure you pay Burgermeister a visit.

Located below the tracks of the U1 (a Berlin subway line, that most of the times runs above the surface) Burgermeister serves some of the best burgers in Berlin.

Coming back to the unusual location, have I mentioned already that the place, where they now serve juicy burgers used to be a public toilet?

No kidding, I guess that is something that only happens in Berlin.

Yesterday the toilet house of a subway station Schlesisches Tor, today one of the best burger places in Berlin.

Burgermeister is more of a burger stand than a restaurant, as they only have some chairs to sit outside. And with chairs I mean some Rothaus beer boxes stuck together.

And with outside I mean right under the subway tracks.

But reducing the success of Burgermeister only to the unusual location would not be fair. Their freshly grilled burgers are delicious.

Compared to The Bird and BBI they are rather normal-sized, which means after eating one for lunch break you can still go back to work and not fall into a meat-overdose induced coma.

Unless you tried the Meister aller Klassen Burger, then you did not deserve otherwise.

And again, they have fantastic chili cheese fries, fresh fries topped with minced meat and nice liquid american cheese.

And of course as we are talking about a burger place in Kreuzberg they are open till around 3 to 4 a.m. (even on any given Sunday night).

Also Burgermeister has opened a new restaurant due to the huge success of their first place, but we all agree here that as good as the new place might be it can’t beat the style and taste of the original location.

Location: Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997 Berlin & Skalitzer Str. 136, 10999 Berlin & Schönhauser Alle 45, 10435 Berlin & more
Price: $$
Delivery: UberEats* (20€ discount possible 10€ each for first 2 order, use code eats-vu37fk)

6. Burgeramt

Closeup Burger at Burgeramt

Do not mix up Burgeramt (great burgers) with Bürgeramt (where you hopefully registered after moving to Berlin) even though I suspect the similarity was not a coincidence.

What is also no coincidence is the fact that no matter which burger you will order, all of them just taste amazing thanks to freshest ingredients and a lot of love from the chef at the grill.

During peak hours you will probably end up eating your burger standing up as the place gets extremely busy. Great burgers in the heart of Friedrichshain, what else do you need?

Location: Krossener Straße 21-22
Price: $$
Delivery: Lieferando* + Wolt* (3x 5€ discount possible, use code GJDSZ2C when signing up in their app or website)

7. Marienburgerie

Burger at Marienburger

What kind of restaurant would you open in a street already called Marienburger Straße?

Right, a burger restaurant. And it is not only this coincidence that Marienburgerie is worth a visit.

The basic burgers at Marienburgerie already taste fantastic, but if you go for the Neuland-meat-option these burgers will just blow your mind.

Our special tip is the famous Sophia Loren Burger with Gorgonzola creme and fresh rucola. Make sure to have some tissues close by.

Location: Marienburger Straße 47
Price: $$

8. Schiller Burger

Schiller Burger Berlin

What happens if you offer good burgers and your place is always packed with hungry Berliners?

You start opening places all over town. This is what happened with Schiller Burger.

It feels like that within a couple of months they opened up places from Neukölln to Marzahn to Prenzlauer Berg and even Weissensee.

But hey, if you serve such tasty and juicy burgers, who can blame them?

If you don’t feel like going out you can also order them online. No we are no lazy bastards, we did not order from our couch 😉

But if you feel like getting your butt of the couch it is really worth paying Schiller Burger a visit.

Usually they have open kitchens which means you can watch them prepare your future awesome burger.

And also worth mentioning are their fries, both normal and sweet potatoe, are great sides for your juicy burger, which usually will be grilled well-done.

If you like it a bit juicier you need to let them know in advance.

Locations: Too many to name them all
Price: $$
Delivery: Lieferando* + Wolt* (3x 5€ discount possible, use code GJDSZ2C when signing up in their app or website)

9. Five Guys Burger

Five Guys Cheeseburger

You will probably ask yourself how in God’s name did an American fast food burger chain make it on this list of the best burgers in Berlin.

Before you condemn us please hear us out first. We also could not believe it when we first found ourselves in line at the Five Guys burger joint next to the Mercedes Benz Arena.

The music is way too loud and the poor guy yelling out the numbers for pickup did not make for a good first impression.

However once you hold the cheeseburger with 2 juicy and well seasoned patties in your hands all doubts are blown away.

If you ever asked me how a traditional American cheeseburger should taste like – well here is your answer.

Unfortunately the fries don’t live up to the expectations, they are a bit soggy and both times we were there also cold.

Locations: Hedwig-Wachenheim-Strasse 12 & many more
Price: $$
Delivery: Lieferando* + Wolt* (3x 5€ discount possible, use code GJDSZ2C when signing up in their app or website)

10. Shiso Burger

This is what happens when you mix Asian cuisine with American cuisine.

Simply one of the best burgers in Berlin.

The quality of the meat is exceptional, even with just the standard meat option.

If you are feeling fancy we recommend the upgrade to Wagyu Beef.

Yes, you have read that right. Only the best quality beef in the world and it is used for a burger.

Our recommendation is clearly the Chili Lemons Burger in combination with some Sweet Potatoe Fries and one portion of home made Kimchi. Simply delicious.

Location 1: Auguststr. 29c, 10119 Berlin
Location 2: Kantstr. 51, 10625 Berlin
Location 3: Alte Schönhauser Str. 13, 10119 Berlin
Price: $$$
Delivery: Wolt* (3x 5€ discount possible, use code GJDSZ2C when signing up in their app or website) & UberEats* (20€ discount, 10€ each for first 2 orders, use code eats-vu37fk)

*Since I love to keep my website as up-to-date as possible for you awesome readers, my content may contain affiliate links. All the links in this post marked with ‘*’ are such affiliate links. Even though I might receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, all opinions on my website remain my own.

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