Best Neighbourhoods in Berlin

Berlin Warschauer Strasse SonnenuntergangBerlin is divided into 12 different neighbourhoods, with each of it having its own vibe and feel. No matter if you are a student looking to party or a family looking for a quiet neighbourhood, Berlin has a place for everybody to feel at home.

Before we dive into more specific details about the best neighbourhoods in Berlin have a look at the complete list of neighbourhoods in Berlin.

  • Mitte
  • Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
  • Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
  • Pankow (with the hipster-borough Prenzlauer Berg)
  • Lichtenberg
  • Marzahn-Hellersdorf
  • Neukölln
  • Reinickendorf
  • Steglitz-Zehlendorf
  • Tempelhof-Schöneberg
  • Spandau
  • Treptow-Köpenick

Berlin – Mitte

Berlin Fernsehturm Mitte AlexanderplatzThe Mitte district in Berlin is probably the most interesting place in the whole of Europe when it comes to recent history. From Brandenburger Tor, to Reichstag, to the Jewish Memorial, there is so much history that it is almost impossible to cover all of it.

But Berlin Mitte is not stuck in the past. If you are interested in shopping, you will find the most expensive and exclusive brands and shops around here. The area around Hackescher Markt is famous for little upscale boutiques, while Unter den Linden is home to major brands like Nivea, Microsoft and Volkswagen.

Most of Berlin’s fast growing start-up scene is located around Torstrasse, also known as Silicon Alley. If you want to see today’s tech pioneers, make sure to find a place in cafes like St. Oberholz, and watch the armada of hipsters with their Apple Macbooks and Ipads discussing their newest business ideas over a cup of Chai Latte.

And last but not least, Berlin Mitte also offers a wide range of interesting restaurants. If you are looking for the best steak in town, you will find yourself between movie stars and local celebrities at Grill Royal. If you feel like Asian food make sure to pay Monsieur Wong a visit (also lots of hip people there), or if you haven’t made up your mind yet, then just wander around the area between Hackescher Markt and Alexanderplatz and you will surely find a great spot to grab a bite.

Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg Berlin view from WasserturmPrenzlauer Berg is fast becoming the most family oriented neighbourhood in Berlin. It is famous for the vast amount of young families living in the area. If you go for a walk around on a Saturday afternoon, you will see more babies than in any other neighbourhood.

The reason new hip parents choose to move to Prenzlauer Berg is that it is clean, safe and there is an inviting atmosphere for children and a full range of activities for mummies and babies, from pre-natal yoga to playgrounds in every corner.

Prenzlauer Berg is also popular for its health food scene, with more organic food shops and vegan cafes than any other neighbourhood. But if you are into eating steak and you don’t know what all the different recycling bin colours are for, don’t worry: Prenzlauer Berg hosts many restaurants and bars where you can have a delicious steak (check out Vila Rodizio – South American meat heaven) and enjoy a drink with your friends in an chic, fun and trendy environment.

Berlin – Friedrichshain

Berlin Friedrichshain Frankfurter TorFriedrichshain is a great choice of neighbourhood if you are looking to have a lifestyle packed with fun and outings when you move to Berlin. This neighbourhood offers affordable housing, all sorts of restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops and boutiques.

It is suitable for those who are looking for a lively atmosphere, as the party never stops in Friedrichshain. However, there are also some spots where you can enjoy peace and quiet, while being close to public transport and supermarkets.

Friedrichshain has a young population, which is not surprising given that the rents are cheap, there is a huge amount of cool places to hang out and wherever you live in the neighbourhood, the party scene is just a few steps away.

Berlin – Kreuzberg

Victoriapark Kreuzberg BerlinKreuzberg is the ideal place to live for those who enjoy being part of a varied culture scene. Riddled with artists, students and foreigners, Kreuzberg will never be boring; you will always find a new cuisine to try, an art exhibition to check out or a special night in a bar where you can salsa the night away.

From the hundreds of bars on Oranienburger Strasse to the other hundreds of bars around Schlesisches Tor, you are bound to find your new favourite place to hang out with your new friends in this neighbourhood.

Kreuzberg is also packed with clubs, with most of them being only a couple of stops away by train. If nightlife isn’t your thing, Kreuzberg can still be a good choice for you, as it also offers beautiful homes at much lower prices than in other neighbourhoods.

Berlin – Charlottenburg

KaDeWe Kaufhaus des WestensMany people who visit Berlin will say that Charlottenburg does not feel like Berlin. This might be partly true as Charlottenburg is cleaner, more organized and probably more boring than the rest of Berlin.
But Charlottenburg is probably the heart of West-Berlin and also home of the famous Kurfürstendamm and KaDeWe.
Kurfürstendamm is, along with Unter den Linden, the most exclusive shopping street in Berlin. It is not surprising that Apple has opened its new Apple Store recently on Kurfürstendamm. The new Apple Store is now neighbours with other exclusive brands, such as Gucci, Chanel, and Budapester.
If you are around Charlottenburg, make sure you pay a visit to KaDeWe – especially their incredible food court, located on the top floor of the beautiful building. Whether you feel like eating the best schnitzel in Berlin or having an exclusive piece of Kobe beef, the food court at KaDeWe will blow you away.
In the unlikely case that you could not find what you were looking for at KaDeWe, then the Europa Center or the big shops around Tauentzienstraße would be your next best stop.

Berlin – Neukölln

Roamers Cafe Berlin NeuköllnNeukölln will go through the same process as Prenzlauer Berg did years ago already. Traditionally Neukölln is home to a very big Arabic and Turkish community, which gives this neighbourhood a very exotic touch.

In recent years many new-Berliners discovered Neukölln as a great place to live, as rents are still comparably low and the nightlife is almost unmatched.

Make sure to take enough time to explore this neighbourhood in Berlin and enjoy the multi cultural feeling in Neukölln. Have some baklava and tea in one of the many cafes, enjoy some of the best restaurants (BBI – Berlin Burger International) in Berlin or just watch people passing by – Neukölln is the perfect place to do all of that.

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